Get to Know The National List Team

Get to Know the National List Team

We get to know you-our members, forwarders and credit grantors-through questionnaires and telephone calls. We think it’s time you got to know some of the “inside scoop” about the members of the National List Team-the people who make possible all of the great legal collections services you enjoy!

Our current team:

  • Jeffrey H. Zuck, President and Publisher
  • Randy Nicola, Vice President
  • Beverly Unrath, Director of Business Development
  • Leslie Herr, Director of Operations
  • Katie Stromstad, Compliance Administrator
  • Jane Ehlis, Membership Coordinator
  • Kacey Rask, Account Executive
  • Brittany Roe, Office Assistant
  • Denice Morrell, Office Assistant
  • Nancy Lender, Marketing Assistant

Our experience:

Between us, we’ve had more than 88 years of experience with The National List and 108 years in the Credit and Collections Industry! Our company was founded in 1900 and is 111 years old this year. None of us is willing to reveal our age, but you are welcome to guess.

Where we live and work:

Bismarck, North Dakota is home for 8 of us. In case you’re wondering why, considering the reputation of our winters, here are some of the reasons we like living here:

  • A very progressive city with an excellent educational system.
  • A very safe community and place to raise a family.
  • Being close to family and friends; the friendly people and quality of life.
  • Exploring the beautiful scenery through fishing, camping, skiing and water sports.
  • The environment and all of the seasons except/including winter.
  • The sun shining through the frosted trees and the sunsets look like a beautiful painting; the grassy planes look like something out of a movie.

Jeffrey Zuck lives in California and Nancy Lender in Utah. You can make up your own reasons for why they might be there.

What we like to do:

When asked, “What is your favorite part of your job,” Membership Coordinator Jane Ehlis summed up how we all feel. She said, “I really feel that I am doing a law firm a favor by getting them to join NL and by finding good matches for members. After visiting with many NL members at a NARCA Conference, I got great feedback on what NL has done for many of these law firms. I’m proud to be the Membership Coordinator.” Another consistent theme was “working with the other great people who work at the NL” and “having friends all over the world.”

Outside of work, we all like to spend time with family and friends, but individual interests include:

  • Riding my Harley and boating. (Randy)
  • Exploring the outdoors. (Kacey & Denice)
  • I’m a huge movie fanatic. (Brittany)
  • Travel. (Jeffrey)
  • Golf and reading. (Jane)
  • Reading on my Kindle. (Leslie)

Our most important service:

We vary a little on how we answered, “What is the most important service provided by the NL?” That probably is due to how we spend most of our work time.

  • Our focus on our customers’ needs and our ability to customize our services accordingly. (Jeffrey)
  • Exceeding the expectations of our attorney members and our clients. (Randy)
  • The information we provide customers under our Compliance Program, because it protects our law firm members and our forwarders. (Beverly)
  • The matching of clients with the attorneys to get that “right fit.” (Leslie)
  • The Compliance Partner Program and our free referral services. (Katie)
  • Over 100 years of experience, industry knowledge and credibility provide added value. (Jane)
  • We do the legwork of qualifying and clearing new business before formally recommending a law firm. We also go the extra mile by following up to ensure client/attorney satisfaction. (Kacey)

Keeping in touch with family, friends and You:

Like most of you, we’re using Facebook more and more to keep in touch. Email and texting are also favorite ways of communicating. We’re all pretty new to LinkedIn, Twitter and blogging, but we know they are important Social Media that we want to get better at using. We’re all excited to have our very own NL blog! We hope that you will give us feedback on how we can make it a valuable tool to provide you, our readers, with fresh information that’s relevant to our growing relationships.

Come back next week and see what’s new On the N List!

by Nancy Lender and the entire NL Staff

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