Turning Halloween into a Team Building Activity

One of our clients recently told me about how they spend Halloween Day at their office in California. She said, “On Halloween, everyone dresses up. This year my team is going to dress up as ‘Jersey Shore.’ The entire office engages in games and activities throughout the day and then later that night, everyone brings their children in for trick-or-treating.” I thought this sounded like a fun team-building exercise and a fun day all around. Another person sitting with us was shocked that this office celebrated Halloween or had any other festivities on the last day of the month!

I’m certain a few of our attorney members agree that the last day of the month is far too busy trying to reach goals for partying of any kind, but I don’t think it negates the idea of having team building activities. Another person shared some physically challenging and daring team building exercises their office engaged in. My office does an occasional potluck lunch. Once we volunteered at a children’s center and held a mini-carnival for all the children, with lots of games and prizes. That was a lot of fun, and made us feel good about what we’d accomplished as a team. I think team-building activities are a great idea, and I would like to learn more about what successful companies are doing! Please share with us your team-building adventures!

Beverly Unrath, Director of Business Development, The National List

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