Never Burn a Bridge!

I received a disturbing email today from one of our attorney members. He is engaged in a dispute with a client. It’s so bad that he is considering legal action. This concerns me.

I remember another one of our member attorneys who became involved in a dispute with a debt seller over $1,000. A former employee of the debt seller was currently working for a potential client, to whom the NL referred this same attorney. The attorney was very appreciative of the referral and followed up diligently. However, when the client learned from the employee of the attorney’s dispute with the debt seller, the client refused to hire him as legal counsel.

The attorney regretted entering into the dispute with the debt seller, even though he was right and the dispute ended in his favor, because it resulted in the loss of a potential client and thousands of dollars in monthly revenue.

What I learned from that experience is to never burn a bridge. Even when you are in the right, you’re sometimes better off letting go. I’m going to see what I can do to mediate the situation between our attorney member and our mutual client. Wish me luck!

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