Feedback from Two Members of the NL Compliance Program

In our 10/13/11 blog, we gave the NL perspective on our Compliance Program.  Today we’re sharing the experiences and opinions of two Compliance Program members with whom I recently spoke. In case you aren’t familiar with the Program, read a brief summary of what it offers in the *footnote at the end of the blog.

I first talked with the operations manager of a firm that specializes in subrogation recovery and claims administration. She stated, “We forward all litigation matters to NL attorneys, or about 10 percent of our claims.”

Attorneys Referred by the NL Performed Better

When this firm first engaged the services of NL’s Compliance Program, they had a list of about 250 attorneys that they drew from. They needed the assurance that all of them carried malpractice insurance and were bonded. The National list assists them in getting copies of the insurance. My contact added, “The firm knows that all NL attorneys go through a thorough review process. We found that the attorneys who had been referred through National List performed better than the ones we found on our own.”

NL Compliance Services Make Lives [on the job] Easier

When asked what value the NL Compliance services provide for the firm, she replied, “We save a lot of time that would be spent tracking down copies of the insurance forms, trying to locate new attorneys when needed, and gathering the information that ensures a quality referral. In addition to copies of the insurance, we also get a copy of the credit reporting and reviews that the NL requires attorneys to submit. The information is provided in a timely manner, is user-friendly and complete. We recommend the NL Compliance Program to others because it has made our lives here at the firm easier.”

Compliance Program Created to Resolve One Firm’s Issues

My second interview was with an attorney who manages a legal network. Her firm was the first member of the National List’s Compliance Program. When I asked her how that came about, she said, “I was talking with Beverly Unrath [NL Director of Business Development] about some of our day-to-day issues. She was compassionate and understanding, and she went about designing a program to help resolve my issues. She was very creative in how she did it.”

Benefits on Both the Attorney and Client Side of the Program

This member participates in the compliance program both as an attorney and also as a client. “Doing both gives us a greater understanding of why filling out all the forms and providing all the information the NL asks for is so important. We know it’s critical. It also provides a marketing opportunity for counsel. We handle collections and insurance subrogation for 5 states in-house and forward claims to other attorneys in the rest of country, Canada and Puerto Rico. There are benefits on both sides.

“We recommend the NL to others because, on the receiving end, our relationship with the NL is a business generator. We run a better operation because of this relationship and our clients know it. The NL knows us well as a law firm and as a forwarder. They refer clients to us for whom we can meet the client’s specific criteria. The NL is always looking for new business for us. They know in which states we are looking to improve our business, and that stays on their radar. They know what type of business we’re looking for and are conscientious about referring new business that is a good fit with our firm.”

Other NL Services Benefit Members

One hundred percent of this firm’s collection claims are forwarded to an attorney through the NL. They also take advantage of other NL services. “We recommend and take advantage of their website, their networking events, and the free claims insurance they offer. Our entire legal network gives better service to our clients because of our relationship with NL and the services they provide.”

* The National List of Attorneys’ Compliance Program assists clients with ensuring the law firms in their legal network are in compliance with their work standards, terms, conditions and insurance requirements. We also provide information regarding the law firm’s financial stability, notice of law suits filed against law firm members, yearly reference checks,  insurance documentation, and detailed firm profiles.

These NL services are provided free to any forwarder that submits and insures claims through the NL.  There is no fee.  Attorney members pay an annual membership fee.

Learn more about NL’s compliance program by contacting Beverly Unrath directly at 701.425.0982 or at

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