Travel Apps I Have Used and Love!

As I was traveling this past weekend, I learned about a few travel apps that I’m excited about and want to share with you, in case you don’t already know about them: Flight View, GateGuru, AirportLife, GasBuddy, Free Wi-Fi Finder and links to others.

Flight View  

Product Features:

  • Flight tracking by flight number or by route
  • Multi-day search – search for flights yesterday, today, tomorrow and in some cases the next 90 days
  • In-Air Flight Details – show flight time remaining, duration, gate & baggage claim for in-air flights
  • Valuable flight information – flight schedules & real-time flight status and airport delay status compiled from numerous sources
  • Calendar integration that allows for the quick insertion of a flight into the device calendar
  • Flight status alerts provide immediate notification of flight status changes, delays, cancellations and gate changes
  • A flight tracker map for in-air flights and an airport delay map, both with current radar weather

My Review: Using my FlightTracker app, I could search for my flight by route or by flight number and it would show me all flight info, including the date, scheduled and estimated time departure and arrival times and the gate number. I could also choose to have it send me alerts if anything changes, such as a delay.


Product Features:

  • Searchable directories for 98 U.S. airports (124 airports overall) and more than 25 international hubs.
  • Takes the guesswork out of finding an ATM, a cup of coffee, or a 10-minute massage station — wherever you happen to be delayed.
  • Some locations have user reviews, rankings, and photos.

Online Review: I will never travel again without GateGuru. It tells me where everything is in the airport (pre- or post-security) with incredibly helpful reviews and tips, and has the best maps available. Itinerary management and social media integration are some of the extra perks.


Product Features:

  • Navigate unfamiliar airports with terminal maps that guide you to the gate, lounge, services, stores, and restaurants.
  • Enter your flight, rental car, and hotel itinerary. Get automatic updates for changes to your flight “pushed” to your phone.
  • Interact with, and share information with, other passengers in the airport through the app’s unique social networking “wall” feature.
  • Use the “Where’s My Car” feature to record pictures, voice memo, GPS location & notes on where you parked your car & rental car.
  • Find out your airline’s rules and policies about everything from baggage to cancellations.
  • Send your itinerary to anyone you choose via e-mail.
  • Update your family and friends on your travel plans through the app’s built-in interface with Facebook and Twitter.
  • Some features require a paid subscription

My Review: I used it to tell me what restaurants and shops are located at the airport.


  • Find the cheapest gas on the go – for free!
  • Locate gas stations near you and see their current gas prices.
  • Find gas by city, state or ZIP
  • Report gas prices and earn points toward prize give-away entries; help everyone save on gas

Online Review: Hands down, absolutely the best app you could use to look for the nearest gas station and/or compare prices between gas stations.

Free Wi-Fi Finder  

Instantly find FREE Wi-Fi Internet hotspots wherever you are in the world online or offline!

Product features:

  • Over 145,000 Free locations worldwide
  • “Near me” search based on your current location
  • Search specific geographic regions
  • Filter by location type (Cafe, Library, etc.)
  • Phone numbers and address info
  • Bookmark your favorite locations

Online Review: It’s great if you’re looking for a Wi-Fi spot. It’s easy to use and very useful.

My Review: Very cool!

If you’re looking for other travel apps, try these links:

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by Beverly Unrath, Director of Business Development, The National List

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