Is Your ARM Firm Afraid to Blog?

Okay! Be honest with yourself. What is keeping your collection law firm, agency, or company that serves the ARM industry from starting a blog? My somewhat educated guess is that, whatever you think your reasons are, they all fall under the category of Fear. For example:

  • Fear of giving an uncensored voice to one dissatisfied customer who will jump at the chance to say something negative about you.
  • Fear of admitting that you really don’t understand the technology involved in participating in social media.
  • Fear that no one in your company has the time or the expertise to spend writing a credible blog that will make any difference to the success of your company.
  • Fear that you’ll use resources for blogging that could be better spent elsewhere.
  • Fear that you’ll start something you can’t you can’t keep up with. You’ll post a few blogs and then run out of ideas.  

Almost a year ago, InsideARM published an article entitled Should ARM Firms Blog? Read it, even if you remember reading it before. It provides ample courage for even the most faint of heart to put aside their fears and start a blog—and gives lots of good tips on how you can improve the blog you’ve got.

It was about four months after that piece appeared, in August of 2011, that The National List started our blog, On the N List. NL Director of Business Development, Beverly Unrath says reading The Thank You Economy, by social media pioneer, Gary Vaynerchuk, is what changed her mind. “Reading that book made me realize that blogging and other forms of social networking are all about communication and customer service. Once we put aside our fears, we could see that it was a way to help our members and clients become more informed on issues important to the industry, to share personal experiences and to give them a way to communicate more easily with us and their peers.”

We don’t claim to be experts on blogging or how you can make it work for you. There are lots of experts out there that you can tap into, though. It’s easy to get monthly, weekly or even daily advice delivered directly to your computer, all for free. We just want you to know that we at The National List firmly believe that blogging is a worthwhile effort, an effective communication tool, a way to give your firm even more credibility and contacts with existing and potential clients. If you have suggestions as to what we can post  On the N List  that will benefit you, please add a comment below. True social networking is a two-way conversation. We want to hear from you! 

            by Nancy Lender, The National List

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