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Guest BloggerDo you work for a Creditors’ Rights Law Firm that’s looking for ways to add to your client base, increase your claims, or just to become more visible in the industry?  The National List has a great idea that won’t cost you anything but a little bit of your time.

Just write a page or less about a topic of interest to the industry, especially about any court decisions resulting from a case or trial you have been involved with, and we’ll post it On the N List, our weekly blog, and on the blog , over your name.  As a “Guest Blogger,” you can increase your exposure and your credibility with NL clients and others who visit our site.

Not a writer?

Don’t consider yourself a writer? No worries! We will proof it for you and still give you the “last say” about any changes we propose.

When your blog has been accepted and a publication date set, you can send an email to all of your clients and other contacts encouraging them to read your NL blog. While they are there, they will be only a few clicks away from registering claims with you. Being “spotlighted” in this way could bring in new business, as well as reminding clients who have used you before that your services are easily available to them and recommended by The National List.

Looking for Ideas?

Check out the topics that have already been covered on and On the N List. You might find that you have something of interest to add. Don’t wait until someone else uses your idea. Our readers will be interested in reading about what you are interested in! Don’t pass up this opportunity to be in front of people who will benefit from knowing you better.

Get noticed by getting published. Send your contribution to Beverly Unrath, director of Business Development.

By Nancy Lender, NL Marketing Assistant

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  1. I truly feel this is an amazing opportunity for our CRLF firms to be additionally seen to our loyal followers. Please take advantage of this opportunity. We love the feedback and information we receive from both clients and members.

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