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You may have been introduced to The National List’s Compliance Program in our blog last October, Compliance Issues Grow Exponentially. Since then, the number of member attorneys from whom we annually collect information under our compliance program has exceeded 300 and is growing. If you’re not yet familiar with the program, we recommend that you learn more by first checking out our new Compliance webpage.

The information gathered through the Compliance Program is made available to NL clients to help ensure that the law firms in their legal network are in compliance with their work and ethical standards, terms and conditions, insurance requirements and more.

Having an information provider like The National List (NL) helps clients perform the due diligence that they need to stay informed. Law firms save time and money by providing compliance information to The National List once each year.

But don’t take our word for it. Read what two very satisfied participants have to say about the NL Compliance Program.

An attorney who manages a legal network was the first member of the NL Compliance Program. This member participates in the compliance program both as an attorney and also as a client. “Doing both gives us a greater understanding of why filling out all the forms and providing all the information NL asks for is so important. We know it’s critical. One hundred percent of our forwarded collection claims go through NL. We recommend NL to others because our entire legal network gives better service to our clients due to our relationship with NL and the services they provide.”

The operations manager of a firm that works with NL stated, “We forward all our litigation matters to NL attorneys. We know they all go through a thorough review process. We found that attorneys referred through NL perform better than those we found on our own. NL saves us a lot of time that would be spent trying to locate new attorneys, tracking down copies of needed insurance forms, and gathering the information that ensures a quality referral. We also get the credit reporting and reviews NL requires attorneys to submit. The information is provided in a timely manner, is user-friendly and complete. We recommend the NL Compliance Program to others, because it has made our lives here at the firm easier.”

Katie Stromstad, Compliance Administrator at The National List of Attorneys, is responsible for gathering complete information from NL law firms annually on behalf of our clients. Katie has a strong background in customer service. She uses these skills as she builds relationships between clients and NL attorney members.

To Learn more about NL’s Compliance Program and find out and if you qualify, visit our website or contact Beverly Unrath directly at 701.425.0982 or via

by Nancy Lender, The National List

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