Highlights of Spring NARCA Conference

The 2012 Spring NARCA Conference was a huge success! In four days, I had 49 individual meetings with clients, attorneys, vendors and friends. Each meeting provided a wealth of information. I determined that, as the debt collection industry continues to grow, compliance and claims management are the top priorities for NL clients and law firm members. I heard a great deal of discussion regarding the impact of the CFPB (Consumer Finance Protection Bureau) on the industry. I was surprised by some of the recent debt litigation trends that Tim Collins presented. In the near future, I will share information about the trends and about the attorney workshops that Tim holds to help circumvent FDCPA violation lawsuits.

Recognition for NL Law Firm Members

I was delighted to see the following NL law firm members recognized by TrakAmerica for their outstanding performance:

Expansion into Other States

I learned that many NL law firm members continue to expand into other states.  For example, Yale Levy, in Ohio, announced his expansion into Alaska. Yale and his Alaska attorney, Deidre Ganapole, were in attendance. Many NL clients are thrilled to have additional legal representation in the state of Alaska that will meet their compliance requirements.

The highlight of my trip was attending the Padres vs. Angels baseball game in the owner’s box at the PETCO Stadium! Thank you Fred Weinberg and Dawn Marshall for the invite. It was a memorable experience. The photo attached to this blog is me on the left, Morgan Smith center and Dawn Marshall on the right. We had so much fun!

Please share with me and our readers what you learned at the Spring NARCA Conference by making a comment below!

By Beverly Unrath, NL Director of Business Development

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  1. What a success in deed! I am very jealous of your Padres vs. Angels baseball game! Whether you’re a fan of baseball or not, attending professional sporting events is an absolute treat!

    I have had tons of great feedback from both attorney members and agency clients, who were also NARCA attendees.

    Thanks for sharing Bev, I hope that others will post their NARCA feedback as well!

  2. I really enjoyed my meeting with Beverly, and spending a few moments with an old friend and collegue Johnny Siegel with Levy & Associates.

  3. I learned that a shocking amount of people have little to no knowledge of baseball! (names withheld to protect their privacy). Great seeing you at the game, and throughout the week. NARCA was, as always, a great chance to meet with dozens of attorneys in our network.

  4. It was great seeing you too Scott! You are very kind and considerate to protect those shocking people 😉 And thank you for allowing Kacey and I to give you some referrals before the NARCA conference. I sure hope our law firm members make a good match for you.

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