How do You use LinkedIn?

We at The National List and our readers want to hear from you about how you use the ever-growing tool of LinkedIn in your business! To get you thinking about advice you might have to share, we’ll share what National List (NL) Account Executive Kacey Rask said about how she uses LinkedIn, especially for prospecting.

Link to hundreds of credit and collection professionals

LinkedIn has assisted me in connecting with hundreds of credit and collection professionals. It’s the “Facebook of the business world.” The networking capabilities of LinkedIn are endless. I ask my friends in the industry to introduce me to someone that I’m trying to prospect. I constantly encourage NL attorney members to link with me so they, too, can network with my hundreds of connections. My contacts could be people they may not be working with and would like to, or they could be agencies &/or attorneys with whom they may not be familiar.  

Increase my knowledge of industry news and trends

LinkedIn members can view each other’s connections (contacts), and reach out to them to make new connections. Before connecting with or accepting a connection request from someone, users of LinkedIn can view each other’s profiles. It’s a great way to learn about each other before an introductory call &/or email. I use LinkedIn daily to determine whether or not a prospective client could possibly benefit from NL’s free referral services, and to direct viewers of my profile to NL.I also use it to increase my knowledge in the industry, stay up on news and trends, and supply my contacts and attorney members with information that may be beneficial to them. 

LinkedIn becomes more beneficial the more you use it. The more discussions you are involved in and the more you connect with individuals and make posts, the more often your face and profile are shown when LinkedIn members do a search. LinkedIn also sends you updates and suggestions on how to be seen more frequently and how to increase your networking opportunities. 

Update my profile and my visibility

I frequently update my profile and improve it by adding skills/education/etc. After the recent sales and customer service class I attended, I added to education – because not only does it show that I’m “go-getter,” but it puts a new topic of conversation out there. Every change you make in your profile gives you a listing on the home page, so viewers see your face over and over again and start to feel like they know you. I frequently look at the homepage to see the status of my connections and any new possibilities for connections. It’s the best way to stay up on news in the industry and to see who is being sought after for business. 

In our industry, it’s all about networking and service. I truly feel LinkedIn is a service that can be used by all who are looking to enhance their networking possibilities and thereby grow their businesses. 

Please share your comments and suggestions for how to make the most LinkedIn membership more valuable in the comments box below. 

By Kacey Rask, NL Account Executive, & Nancy Lender, Marketing Assistant

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  1. Many of the LinkedIn groups have useful discussions, not every item, but enough that gives you exposure to other points of view or new developments.

  2. Thank you Joel, I have to agree with you. Research groups, find the right group for your needs, and you can be provided with some very useful discussions and industry news.

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