Coming July 24th. What to do with all those debt-collection-related documents?

Recently, The National List received this inquiry from a client in a large debt buying firm. “We are thinking of replacing the software that houses all of the media that we get from our debt sellers. Do you know what systems other debt buyers use to house their own massive collections—literally millions—of PDFs and scanned documents?”

Where one person has a question, there are bound to be others, so we’re sharing what we learned from helping this company in our quarterly eNewsletter, coming to your Inbox July 24th.

Beverly passed along several recommendations for document repository systems, including one used by a very large debt buyer. It is now on the top of our client’s narrowed-down list. In the article, you’ll find the names of all the systems they are considering.

Client Report

You can read our client’s entire report in the eNewsletter, but here’s a short summary:

“Beverly came through for me again! She recommended several companies. We sent RFPs to narrow our choices down to 5. They are going to do demonstrations for us, so we’ll get to see their products in action over the next few weeks. When we started looking, our biggest concern was that we want an internal software solution with the server onsite, not a hosted solution. We’re also looking for additional functionality so we can move some processes out of our collection software.”

We asked our client what suggestions he has that might make finding the best document repository system easier. He gave us a great list. You’ll find that, as well as additional information on document management systems: their history, functionality and importance in disaster recovery in the enewsletter.

When our client makes a decision and installs their new system, we will check back with them to see if they have any new recommendations. If you have had or are going through a similar purchasing experience, we’d love to have you comment. or even call us to give a report on what you’ve learned.

The NL strives to be a valuable information provider to the debt collection industry. One way we do that is through our quarterly eNewsletter. In the July issue, you’ll also find articles on “Audit Preparedness,” “Debt Collection & Technology” and “Where Did ‘Cost of Doing Business’ Lawsuits Go?” If you aren’t receiving our eNewsletter, go here, click on Subscribe to eNewsletter and fill out the short form. You’ll join an elite list of debt collection industry subscribers who are keeping up-to-date on important issues.

By Nancy Lender, NL Marketing Assistant

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