Historic “Process Serving Standards Summit” yields recommendations

Collection Industry Process ServersThe Process Serving Standards Summit, held in Denver on July 10-11, 2012, and previewed On the N List May 2nd, was an historic event that brought together collection industry litigation professionals and process servers specializing in the industry. Mike Bevel, commenting on InsideARM, described it as “an industry recognizing that it, rather than external regulators, is in the best position to develop standards that not only protect players from lawsuits, but also guarantee compliance and improve transparency.”

Joel Rosenthal of JJL Process had a leading role in organizing the Summit, with the goal of encouraging the industry to self-regulate by setting standards.

Opportunity to comment

Summit attendees supported the need to establish process serving standards for the collection industry.  One-by-one, they read, debated and voted on a list of possible standards that will now go through a 30-day comment period.  Comments will be reviewed by the Summit Advisory Board, with the goal to revise and finalize the recommended standards for the collection industry. Bevel also reported that there may be an opportunity to start up a new association “to help oversee the certification and compliance of these standards.”

To view the current draft of the Recommended Process Serving Standards for the Collection Industry, you can go to http://processservingstandards.com/Process_Serving_Standard.html.

Comment period expires August 15th

If you are interested in commenting on the standards, you can send your comments via http://processservingstandards.com/Comments.html. Or you can contact Rosenthal by calling 561-312-7602 or via joel.rosenthal@jjlprocess.com .  The 30 day comment period expires on August 15, 2012.

We urge all of our members and clients to review the recommended standards and to comment where applicable.

By Beverly Unrath

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