“A law firm stole my money!” Could this happen to you?

Your car, your health, your home and your place of business are all insured, but do you insure the claims you place with a debt-collection attorney? In one case, 14 National List of Attorneys clients are very happy that they did!

In 2009, we filed a claim for over $90K with our insurance company, Great American. A law firm had stolen funds from 14 NL and many other clients. Fortunately, the NL claims that the firm did not remit on were insured by registering them through us. Unfortunately, this firm had many other clients who did not insure their claims and thus never received any reimbursement.

Several uninsured clients sued the firm and obtained judgment, but because the firm did not have any assets and the attorneys filed bankruptcy, they were never able to collect. The attorney was disbarred two years after complaints were made to the state bar association, but this didn’t help the clients who had already lost substantial amounts of money.

If it does, will you be protected?

This 2009 claim was the first one that NL had to file with Great American, but just because it rarely happens, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of the free claims insurance we offer. In addition to carefully screening the attorneys we recommend, we give you the added safety of insuring claims placed with them up to $3.5 million, when they are registered with NL.

This could happen to you! The need to insure your claims with NL is an urgent matter! It’s free and it only takes a few minutes.

Make sure you are protected by registering and insuring your claims with NL. Click here for more information on the superior claims protection that is just one of the free services offered by the National List.

By Beverly Unrath

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