Is YGC in Your Compliance “Toolbox”?

The National List of Attorneys’ Compliance Program assists clients with ensuring the law firms in their legal network are in compliance with their work standards, terms, conditions and insurance requirements. We provide information regarding the law firm’s financial stability, notice of law suits filed against law firm members, yearly reference checks, insurance documentation, and detailed firm profiles. We also recommend tools that can help with compliance. YGC (You’ve Got Claims) is one of those tools. Forty percent of our law firm members have a YGC mailbox listed on their law firm profile.

Their Products

YGC is a cloud-based technology solution that has served the credit and collection industry for the past 11 years. This solution encompasses three technology services, including an encrypted electronic data interchange (EDI), the most widely used and accepted data standard for translating data from geographically and technologically disparate sources (ETL), and data analysis and reporting tools (BI).

YGC transmits millions of records per day, including new account placements to collection agencies and law firms from originators and current owners of consumer debts. In addition to the initial placements, YGC ensures accurate transmission of all subsequent collection activity, including financial transactions, operational activities, and every telephone call or letter, all of which are mapped to a pre-determined set of YGC standard codes and tracked and stored in their repository. The YGC reporting suite enhances the audit and analytic capabilities of the debt owners and collection service providers.

An “Early Warning” Monitor

YGC customers rely on their high level of auditing, process control and data integrity to help ensure that the best business and practice standards are maintained at all times throughout the collection process. YGC is used to minimize errors (data, procedural or human), to monitor all activity on every account, and to identify exceptions (situations that fail to adhere to defined standards) often before inappropriate actions are taken. The collection industry already uses YGC for such purposes as an “early warning” monitor of all activity on an account. It does so because integrity and accuracy are of paramount importance both to the industry and to consumers.


For many years Blitt & Gaines has used YGC reporting to ensure that files were in compliance with our clients’ standards. YGC allows us to locate areas of opportunity as well as areas where exceptions occurred. YGC’s highly interactive program increases our organization’s effectiveness and efficiency. YGC’s common formats have benefited the industry. We look forward to continuing to work with YGC and their new enhanced tools. Raida Affaneh | Blitt and Gaines

NL Members with YGC

If you are a NL Member that uses YGC, you can submit claims through us by entering “NL” in the Record 99 Field. Your claims then will be automatically insured by NL.

 We encourage you to learn more about YGC by visiting their website,

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