Statistics Reveal Interesting Facts about NL Law Firm Members

One of our clients recently asked, “How many NL law firm members are sole practitioners?” So I ran stats on the 750 detailed profiles our more than 1000 law firm members have submitted. This is what I found:

          • 22% are sole practitioners
          • 58% have between 2 and 10 attorneys on staff
          • 20% have over 10 attorneys on staff

I also looked at some stats regarding the number of employees on staff and the number of debt collectors on staff.

Number of employees:

  • 5% of our law firms have just one employee
  • 45% have between 2-10 employees
  • 30% have 11-50 employees
  • 12% have 50-100
  • 8% have more than 100 employees

The law firm Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., L.P.P., headquartered in Cleveland, OH reported having the largest number of employees, 1243 to be exact!

Number of collectors:  410 of our law firm members report having at least 1 collector on staff. Of those firms:

  • 15% have one collector on staff,
  • 60% have between 2-10 collectors on staff
  • 23% have between 11-50 collectors on staff
  • 2% (10 law firms) have more than 50 collectors on staff.

Weltman, Weinberg & Reis also reported the largest number of collectors on staff, 273. 

New law firm members often ask me questions like “What is the most popular collection software program among your law firm members?”  If someone asked me that today, I would tell them that 472 of our law firm members reported the name of their collection software, and of those firms:

  • 37% have CLS software,
  • 17% have JST collection software
  • 13% have Hubbard collection software
  • “Other” was checked by the remainder. Many of these have a proprietary system they developed.

I would also let them know that each of the software programs listed above interface with YouveGotClaims and 40% of our law firm members receive claims via YouveGotClaims.

If there is anything you would like to know about our attorney network, please post your question below and we will reply promptly!

by Beverly Unrath

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