National List to the Rescue!

Last week, I received a phone call asking for assistance from a mid-size debt buyer that we work with. The company was preparing for an audit by their lender, who wanted to see specific information on the law firms they employ nationwide. Because most of their law firms are National List members, they wanted to know if we could help.

No time to waste!

The audit was scheduled for the following Tuesday (9/18), so we had no time to waste. I sent them our Compliance Program Agreement, and explained that if they could return the agreement to me that day, I could have the information they needed by Monday (9/17). They returned the agreement to us hours later. 

Katie to the Rescue!

Our Compliance Administrator, Katie Stromstad, quickly pulled together the information that they needed. The information provided included, but was not limited to, Law Firm:

  • Insurance Documentation
  • Physical and Data Security Documentation
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Credit Check and Bar Status Check

We have most of the information the client needed on hand. Katie reached out to the NL firms that we needed additional information from, got a quick response, and we were able to send the debt buyer everything they needed today (9/17)!

Call your information provider!

We have assisted other clients in this same way. If your debt collection company is being audited—either a client audit or an audit conducted by your lender—we will be pleased to assist you. Simply call Katie Stromstad at 800.227.1675, or email her for more information at to learn more about our exclusive Compliance Program, and to see how we can assist you. We can be your information provider in many different situations.

by Beverly Unrath

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  1. Katie is a huge asset to our team and has provided assistance to many NL clients.

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