Follow-up on 2012 Debt Connection Symposium & Expo, Sept. 10 – 13

Beverly Unrath starts out our follow-up by saying, “Of the 728 DCS attendees that pre-registered, I counted 392 companies, 36 (or about 10%) of them law firms. I think that number is significantly higher than it was a year ago, and that it will continue to grow.

“I sent  Evan Sherman of Resource Management Services an email asking him if they are looking to recruit more law firms to the conference, and if so, if that will change their agenda at all for future conferences.”  Evan replied, “I do feel that the law firm demographic will continue to grow. Yes, we want more law firms [in attendance] and would be happy to install [more] content directed at them. I am curious about the feedback you received, as we always take notes and attempt to implement changes based on the experiences of the attendees.” Beverly responded, “I can tell you that Brian Cloud’s representative who attended told Brian he definitely needs to attend the conference next year, because it was a beneficial meeting!”

NL Member, Ben Vinci of Vinci Law Office, LLC sent us this very interesting report that starts with him getting there via an 1800-mile motorcycle trip from Denver to Las Vegas!

Ben Vinci’s Report and Feedback

As I thought more about attending the DCS Conference, I decided to make a road trip out of it, and ride my motorcycle. The ride was fantastic—1800 miles of beautiful scenery and interesting people. (Not something just any attendee could do!) 

I arrived in Las Vegas on Tuesday morning and noticed right away that the conference was very well organized. Events were planned for each day and into the evening. There was a lot to do in very little time. I quickly got myself ready for the pool-side event, which was a team-building scavenger hunt. Teams were assembled to complete tasks and decipher riddles. They served great food, and the teams were really trying to win the competition, when unfortunately, a huge storm blew into Las Vegas and put a damper on the event. As a result of the storm, there was major flooding throughout Las Vegas and a lot of damage.

Next came the Speed-Dating-like “Meet 45 People in 45 Minutes”. There were over 100 people in attendance. They had people standing right next to one another, and it quickly became too loud to hear what people were saying. Next year, they need to spread people out so participants can hear one another better. That evening, a cocktail reception in the exhibit hall gave attendees another networking opportunity.

Wednesday was filled with worthwhile presentations, seminars and round table events, along with client meetings. There was plenty of space to meet with people outside of the convention hall. There were a lot of people in attendance that I would like to have met with, but I couldn’t locate them to talk with them.*

That evening included a bowling event and an “After Hours at the Cherry Club” party. The bowling event was a lot of fun. People really got into the spirit, dressing up in different team shirts and themes. The suggestion here would be to put people who don’t have a team in with already established teams, and make them feel a part of that team. Instead, those without a team were lumped into the “Orphan Bowler Team,” and it seemed like they were a little outcast.

I normally don’t eat the food at these events, but the food at DCS was actually very good overall. The event was extremely well organized and planned. The staff seemed to be helpful and friendly. I plan on attending DCS in the future.

By Ben Vinci and Nancy Lender

*On the DCS website, “How do I obtain an attendee list?”was one of the perhaps easy-to-miss FAQs, found under “Other Information,” and answered this way: “Roughly 60 days prior to the event, a current list of registered companies will be posted at” Hopefully, knowing about that will help Ben and other attendees to more easily connect next year.

by Ben Vinci and Nancy Lender

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  1. Ben, I didn’t know that you rode! Next time we see each other, we need to talk more about our rides.

    I have to say that Ben’s take on the conference is just about dead on. This was my 4 DCS conference I attended and like just about every conference you go to, there are highs and lows. The low always seems to be the ability to talk and network with people during receptions, it never seems easy to speak with a person you are standing directly in front of. The activities that DCS plans out however are great for both entertaining and networking. People hardly have any down time, which makes for a great conference with lots to discuss with everyone who is attending.

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