National List to Publish White Papers about State Collection Laws

One NL member lawyer from each state has been asked to write a white paper regarding debt collection laws specific to their state. The papers will be published on the NL website and be available to all registered visitors to the site. Each lawyer selected is active in the debt collection industry and has always been a reliable and knowledgeable source of information for us and our clients. 

Who will benefit?

The purpose of this NL white paper project is to provide valuable information on collection laws that are state-specific; to promote our attorneys’ legal services to creditors, collection agencies and debt buyers who are looking for attorneys nationwide; and to show by example that NL attorney members are experts in legal debt collection matters.

Wide range of topics included

Some of the topics covered will include, but not be limited to:

  • The laws regarding statute of limitations, written contracts, bad checks and civil penalties.
  • Debt collection licensing, bonding and other regulations relevant to collections professionals and lawyers not licensed to practice within that state.
  • Practices related to commercial and consumer collections.
  • Costs related to court filing fees and process-serving options.
  • Significant cases brought by the State’s Attorney General, or ethics opinions passed down from the State Supreme Court related to debt collection.

Positive response

The response from the attorneys we’ve contacted has been very positive. Many included comments like these samples:

  • This is cool! Thanks for including us.
  • This is a tremendous honor, and I feel privileged to humbly accept the task of writing a white paper on the subject of Debt Collection Law in [my state.]
  • I’d be honored to do that. Thanks for the opportunity.
  • Love it! I will get with my legal staff and put together a plan.

Beverly Unrath adds, “We are pleased to be able to provide this valuable information to creditors, collection agencies, debt buyers and NL attorney members nationwide. I’m very excited about the response we’ve received from our contacts, and we expect to have every state represented.”

Keep following this blog. We will include an announcement as soon as the first white paper appears on our website.

by Nancy Lender

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