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One of our valued law firm members in the state of Texas approached us for assistance in developing a better quality network of appearance counsel throughout the state.  This law firm files suits in all counties in the state of Texas. However, it is too costly for them to travel to all 254 counties for every hearing. Thus, like most debt collection firms that cover the entire state of Texas, they hire local counsel to make an appearance on their behalf for default judgment hearings, motion hearings, depositions, etc.

Establishing long term relationships

This law firm’s objective is to have familiar counsel in front of the judge for their hearings. That way the courts will be familiar with the appearance counsel and the appearance counsel will be familiar with their case files, work standards and the court’s procedures.

NL has the industry knowledge

As a longtime member of NL and a subscriber to both our referral services and our marketing services, this law firm knows The National List’s reputation for building a network that is reliable, has industry knowledge and complies with client work standards.  We were honored by their request, and we accepted the challenge.  We started developing a network of appearance counsel in March of this year.   As of this publication date, we have 35 attorneys, covering 72 counties, that have contracted with NL to make appearances on our member law firm’s behalf.  We are working hard to get all 254 counties covered.

Terms of the agreement

Counsel is paid a flat fee per appearance.  The flat fee varies based on the type of hearing, the number of hearings per appearance and the location.  Counsel must be licensed to practice law in the state of Texas and adhere to our work standards, terms and conditions.

Training and mentoring

There is no experience required to serve as appearance counsel, as we offer training and mentoring. We start small by asking counsel to appear on occasion to create a track record for timely appearances and timely reporting.

Another member benefit

The National List is pleased to provide this additional service to our member attorneys and firms in Texas, and we may develop networks of appearance counsel in other states in the near future. If you are a lawyer in Texas interested in our appearance counsel program, please contact at Katie Stromstad at or at 800.227.1675, or complete an application at

by Beverly Unrath

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  1. We would be happy assist attorneys with appearances in the area we cover, if Mr. Horsley is available.

    Brandy Glover

    Legal Assistant to Ronnie Horsley

    P.O. Box 7017

    Tyler, Texas 75711

    Phone: (903) 593-7314

    Fax: (903) 593-3450

  2. Beverly,
    Great idea. Help us set one up for
    Missouri. I have been trying years to create among Mo attorneys.
    FYI. I can assist coverage in several Illinois southern counties in & around St. Louis.

  3. Beverly,
    My firm, together with a group of seasoned attorneys, have been providing appearance counsel services throughout the State of Florida for the last 15 years. We have developed a good reputation with our clients as well as with the judiciary in the areas that we service. We cover Pre-Trial conferences, motion hearings, mediations and sometimes trials, providing out-of-county as well as out-of -state law firms a cost effective means of prosecuting and managing their collection suits.

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