How will you grow your business in 2013?

Grow your businessLast week, we posed this question to several of our law firm members: “What changes are you making in your debt collection practice in order to grow in 2013?”

The words “Compliance Management” and “Consumer Satisfaction” were repeated in multiple responses. NL has added “Compliance Manager” to the list of key personnel we will ask firms for in 2013. Many of our firms now have a person with this title or at least someone dedicated to this responsibility.

As you review the responses we received, please be thinking about what your answer would be to our question. Our goal is to share ideas from as many of our members as possible, and we hope you will post a response of your own. Your ideas will help us know how we can better help you grow, as well.

Here are some of the responses we  received:

David Silverman, Silverman/Borenstein PLLC, said, “Our 2013 goal is to turn our Compliance Department into a profit center, through smart technology and laser focus. The wave of compliance issues will not subside. We are committed to riding that wave in ways that will not only protect ourselves and our clients, but will increase our margins as well. We believe that [by doing this], client relationships will mature to align us all towards this mutually beneficial goal.”

David Lovik, Lovik & Juhl, PLLC, said, “This past year was one of transition for our office. We switched our predominate practice area to Creditor’s Rights. As a result, we have made significant changes in our practice to meet the expectations and needs of our client base. Having embraced industry standards like YGC, we will effectively and efficiently produce for our current and future clients. We look forward to what 2013 has to offer.”

Clayton Gladd, Brock & Scott, PLLC, said, “Our goal is to become an industry leader in compliance and consumer satisfaction, while delivering the highest level of results to our clients.”

Tim Harris, Harris Beach PLLC, said, “I feel Harris Beach’s 2013 main goal is to continue to develop, foster and grow relationships with our existing and potentially ‘new business partners.’ To do this, we need to be aware of and understand their needs, and work intelligently to help meet them. We define ‘business partners’ as both the clients and the consumers we are or will be dealing with.”

David Warshaw, Nudelman, Klem & Golub, said, “NKG has created a compliance department and has set a goal to become certified in Compliance Management in first quarter 2013. We are well underway toward meeting this goal, and we will be excited to announce our successes in the months to come.”

Randy Johannes, Machol &Johannes, L.L.C., said,“Do What’s Right. This applies to consumers, our employees and to our clients. Clearly our employees and our clients are our most valuable assets. We strive to protect them with everything we do. This also goes hand-in-hand with our renewed focus on compliance. We recently hired a full-time in-house Compliance Attorney and a full-time in-house Compliance Manager. The year 2012 was very strong for our firm, and we hope to set the bar even higher for 2013.”

So….. What are the goals you’ve set to help grow your debt collection practice in 2013? We encourage all of our member friends to post a response.

By Kacey Rask, NL Account Executive

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