History-Making Milestone: Jeff Zuck’s 30th Anniversary with The National List

Jeff ZuckThe National List of Attorneys has already made history by serving the Debt Collection Industry since 1900─112 plus years and counting! Now we’re happy to announce another important milestone: this year, Jeff Zuck, our Owner, President and Publisher, has been with the company for 30 years!

Give the industry something it did not have
During a recent conversation with Jeff, he said, “I’ve never given any thought to not owning this company forever. From the beginning, I made a commitment to not only serve the industry, but to fill gaps that need to be filled, to give the industry something it did not have. I have a tremendous passion for providing solutions and improving the quality of the utilities that are out there. It’s what drives me every day—noticing a void and wanting to fill it. I love creating something new and making sure it is effective.”

Make friends
National List’s Vice President, Randy Nicola, says, “I first met Jeff years ago at a conference. I will never forget the advice he gave me, ‘Make Friends!’ Several years later we began working together. One thing I learned very quickly was that you do not just join Jeff’s company, you join his family. The friendship we developed is just one of the reasons I’m grateful that I made The National List my home.”

Develop relationships
Jeff is known throughout the industry for his relationship-building skills. When asked why he thinks this is, he said, “I try to never lose sight of what is most important—people. I love connecting with people. Developing relationships is the most important thing to me; it comes naturally. I tell my employees to take care of family and friends first, and that business can be a close second. I have two challenging and wonderful kids and the greatest wife on earth. I want them to know that they come first to me.”

Anticipate industry needs
Beverly Unrath, National List’s Director of Business Development, adds another dimension to Jeff’s contributions. “In the current economic environment, creditors want to know about the longevity of the business and business owners they work with. Jeff’s 30th anniversary is an excellent opportunity point out the many years that The National List has been serving and making changes in the industry. During his tenure, Jeff has been instrumental in Co-founding YGC Solutions (YGC), technology that fills the industry’s need to better manage claims. Under Jeff, NL became the first to offer its own $3.5 million in claims insurance that is solely for the benefit of our high-volume customers. More than three years ago, NL developed a Compliance Program. This was a result of Jeff’s ability to anticipate the demands of an industry that is now spending more money on compliance issues than with any other aspect of their business. Recently, NL started an Appearance Counsel Program in Texas that will be offered nationwide. Jeff’s many relationships keep him in touch with the needs of people in the industry and help NL get a head start on meeting them.”

Surround yourself with incredible people
Jeff adds that he has been “blessed with the most incredible people one could hope to work with. We’ve never had a better group of people with more creative minds and loyalty to the company. With this group, we have so much opportunity and work that can be done. I wish there were more hours in the day.”

All of us at NL congratulate Jeff on this milestone in his life. We thank him for creating the best possible work environment and for giving us the opportunity to make a difference.

Happy Anniversary, Jeff!

By Marti Lythgoe, NL Marketing Assistant

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  1. Jeff – it is a pleasure to work fo your and be a part of the NL family. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for NL. Happy anniversary!

  2. Congratulations and Best Wishes Jeff. Alot of water has sure gone under the bridge since you hung your coat in my office on Broadway that day all those years ago.

  3. Happy Anniversary Jeff! I’m so grateful to be a part of this wonderful company and family you have created.

  4. Happy Anniversary, Jeff! It’s been an amazing adventure being a part of your team/family, here at The National List. Your vision, passion and leadership are truly infectious.

  5. What else can a father-in-law say other than we are thankful for you and to see how you have progressed so successfully.

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