“Possibilities…Endless” in 5 more states: NL’s 6th group of 5 white papers

“Possibilities…Endless,” is the state slogan for Nebraska. Reading the white papers by attorneys in each of the five states published last week on The National List’s website could give you endless possibilities for doing business there. Read below to get just a taste of the laws in each of the states and a short introduction to the authors. Today’s blog covers the papers published March 11th through March 15th.

On the same day that the paper was published, a blog about the author and the firm he/she represents appeared on InsideARM.com. You can go here to read the full blogs and follow the links below to read the papers. Remember, you must be registered on the NL Website in order to download the entire white paper. Registration is free and easy. 

Missouri Debt Collection Laws
Submitted by: James McNeil, Rick Milone & Dustin Stiles, Cohen McNeile & Pappas, P.C.; Posted: 03/11/2013 

Rick Milone and Dustin Stiles, under the direction of James McNeil, also co-authored the white paper on Kansas. This blog on laws in “The Show Me State” features Rick. One thing he would like to “show” creditors filing claims in MO is that, “Certain Missouri Civil Procedure rules allow a defendant to defend a claim with filing an answer. In Kansas, the consumer may have additional protections via the KCPA.” All Cohen McNeile & Pappas, P.C. attorneys are licensed to practice in both Missouri and Kansas.

Montana Debt Collection Laws
Submitted by: Bruce M. Spencer, Smith Law Firm, P.C.; Posted: 03/12/2013 

Smith Law Firm, P.C.was established in 1871 by Masenna Bullard, when Montana was still a territory. Author Bruce Spencer told NL, “I have found that with polite persistence we can get claims paid and obtain the respect of the folks we are collecting from. It does not always pay to be aggressive and mean,” and,Keep realistic expectations when executing on real property. The debtor is entitled to a $250,000 homestead exemption. The majority of homes in Montana do not warrant proceeding with a Sheriffs sale.” 

Nebraska Debt Collection Laws
Submitted by: Kent A. Schroeder, Partner, Ross, Schroeder & George, LLC; Posted: 03/13/2013 

Ross, Schroeder & George, LLC has been located in Kearney, NE, since 1987, and the bricks in  the building came from the streets of Lexington, NE. Author Kent Schroeder has practiced law in NE for 45 years. One thing that makes debt collection unique in NE is that you can execute across county lines, but you cannot garnish across county lines. An attorney who regularly practices in another state or territory may, on motion, be admitted to practice in NE, only provided he or she associates with a NE attorney. 

Nevada Debt Collection Laws
Submitted by: Ronald H. Reynolds, Senior Partner, Reynolds & Associates; Posted: 03/14/2013 

Ronald H. Reynolds, a third generation Nevadan, is the senior partner at Reynolds & Associates and has been a practicing attorney for 36 years. “If you’re going to be issuing credit or purchasing debt in Nevada, understanding the basics of associated licensing, fees, regulations, and exemptions will help to better evaluate investment opportunities and avoid some of the common pratfalls that may make eventual collection a headache. [Because of the economy], the NV courts and legislature are correspondingly more debtor friendly than in the past.” 

New Hampshire Debt Collection Laws
Submitted by: Jay M. Niederman, Niederman, Stanzel & Lindsey; Posted: 03/15/2013 

Niederman, Stanzel & Lindsey is a state-wide practice. Author Jay Niederman says, “Anyone who wants to be successful in debt collections needs two skills: first, the ability to work with people–debtors, opposing counsel, court staff, etc.; second the ability to apply a solid dose of common sense and business judgment to the day-to-day job of running a successful office and to effectively representing creditors in debt collection cases.” Creditors need to know that “New Hampshire is a small state…so, anyone looking to bring a complicated claim here needs to…keep it simple and straightforward. 

Additional papers published to date include New Jersey, New Mexico, New York and North Carolina.

By Marti Lythgoe, NL Editor

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