Dialing Solutions: What you need to know before you buy or try

Cloud vs. site based dialingAre you among the many law firms or even creditors with pre-litigation collection departments that have been slow adopters, or slow to make a change, when it comes to dialing technology? Perhaps you feel like it’s difficult to find an impartial source of the information you need to make an informed decision regarding whether to buy a site-premised system or sign up to try something “cloud-based.”

“Many companies base their dialing solution choice on trends or misinformation,” says Ray Fowler, IAT Sales & Marketing Director. “Those same companies might later find their choice was too expensive or restrictive. It might lack the security control vital for their inventory requirements or be too much work for their limited IT staff to maintain. The result is often wasted employee and monetary resources.”

In what comes across as a genuine effort to provide the unbiased information needed to make a cost-effective, productivity-enhancing choice of system types, IAT SmartDial wrote and offers a free white paper entitled, “Site-Premised vs. Cloud-Based: A Guide to Choosing the Right Dialer.” You can believe Randy Cooper, President & CEO, when he says, “IAT is uniquely impartial towards any dialing solution, and this white paper reflects that.”

The in-depth paper addresses the factors collection managers and agency owners must consider in order to make an informed decision when the big question changes from “Should I use a dialer?” to “Which dialer technology should I use?” Choosing between site-premised systems (hardware set up at your facility) vs. a cloud-based solution (accessing an off-site dialer through a secure Internet connection), or a hybrid combination of both requires that you know something about each option.

Site-Premised Solutions

The day-to-day operation of a self-contained system is under your management. While many smaller companies find a site-premised system to be an affordable fit for their business, companies with considerable predictive dialing needs are ideal candidates. This is also a good option for businesses whose top priorities are compliance and control. Because all the equipment stays onsite under your control, sensitive information never leaves your facility. Resource allocation (i.e., phone lines) and cost considerations (i.e., system size, add-on modules, maintenance, infrastructure, etc.) are also addressed.

Cloud-Based Solutions

An ideal solution for companies that focus on IVR messaging and that work with older paper, such as debt buyers, third-party collection agencies and collection attorneys, cloud-based services provide unlimited dialing resources. Add-on features may be part of the service (i.e., cell phone scrubbing, call recording, analytics). The dialer encrypts all data before sending it, but if you’re concerned about control over your data, ask about vendor security. Resource allocation is also a consideration. Some vendors provide predictive dialing technology that automatically adjusts dialing resources in real-time, based on factors such as agent talk-times, hit rates and pacing. The biggest draw is the flexible price tag.

The Hybrid Solution

The hybrid solution merges site-premised and cloud-based dialing, which means you manage hardware within your facility and have the ability to access a cloud dialer when needed. Hybrid dialing options are ideal for companies that do a lot of predictive dialing but also have fluctuating or seasonal IVR needs.

Additional Information

The white paper also contains a chart that shows what you can do with a $500, $2,000 or $40,000 budget and one that compares site-premised with cloud-based on considerations such as capital investment, scalability, security, infrastructure, setup, maintenance and return on investment.

A Utah-based company, IAT SmartDial provides compliance capable cloud-based, site-premised and hybrid dialing solutions for ARM organizations of all sizes and varieties. “We understand that the best dialing solution is different for everyone, which is why we provide them all. IAT offers each company a tailored solution.” If you’re looking for facts that will help you determine which solution is really the best for you, regardless of the vendor, you’ll have a good start when you download this free white paper.

Blog by Marti Lythgoe, NL Editor; based on the white paper by IAT SmartDial

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