Are you using this valuable resource? Feedback on NL’s 52 debt collection white papers.

State Collection lawsOn April 16, The National List of Attorneys published the last paper of our ambitious project, “50 White Papers in 50 Days,” on state debt collection laws. We actually published 52 papers in 52 working days, including Washington D.C. and the U.S. Virgin Islands. A Bonus for our followers! A week later, we asked for feedback on how having a blog published on insideARM (they are still there under Contributors) and a white paper published on the NL website impacted the authors and the firms that wrote the papers. 

NL has benefited greatly from providing this information as a service to our members and clients. Since the project started on Feb. 4, 2013, and as of April 23rd we’d had 405 additional people register on our website, and 26 requests for NL membership. We also heard that Patrick Lunsford, InsideARM editor, was very pleased with the number of hits the NL blogs published on their site received.

If you haven’t used this resource yet, we hope the following comments will encourage you to do so.

From Tina M. Ziegler, Director of Paralegal Division, on behalf of Stanley Hammerman of Hammerman & Hultgren, P.C regarding the White Paper he authored on collection law in the State of Arizona. Because I assisted him with this project, he asked me to comment on his behalf. When his paper was initially released, he received positive comments from other attorneys. I made a point of retrieving a copy of all of the White Papers to keep as a firm resource, both in electronic and paper format. Additionally, I was part of a nationwide webcast in late March speaking to other paralegals about collection law. I found the information to be very useful, as I could mention what applied in all of the states and give specific examples, instead of just talking about my knowledge of Arizona’s collection laws. I did refer my audience to your (NL’s) site and recommended that they retrieve copies of the White Papers as a resource for their firms. Further, we have had several clients with debtors who have relocated to other states and they have asked what remedies are available. I have been able to provide them with a copy of that state’s White Paper. Overall, this was a great project and will continue to serve as a resource for our firm. We were glad to be part of it. Thank you for including us.

From Scott E. Wortman, Esq., Partner, Mel S. Harris and Associates, LLC, Author, New York

Partaking in this wide-ranging project created by the National List has brought this firm increased exposure and a variety of valuable opportunities. It’s been really wonderful receiving comments from people as far as Tokyo, and exceptionally humbling engaging in memorable conversations initiated by some of the top legal minds in our industry. Rather than narrowly focusing on this firm, it is important to point out that the initiative and diligence by The National List in organizing these comprehensive papers has been and will continue to be a tremendous service to the industry. In consideration of this and the fact that the laws and rules of each state are not static, I am hopeful that these Papers will continue to evolve.

NL Follow-up Blogs

As state laws change, watch for follow-up blogs with updates. The first one, “Do Try This at Home! Passage of Bill gives UT Collection Lawyers easier access to DWS information,” appeared on InsideARM 4/18, with a link to a longer “How-To” piece on our website. It’s a good read, whether or not you would like your state to pass a similar bill. (Utah’s Bill is the first of its kind!) We have also published follow-ups on bills in Tennessee (positive) and New York State (negative).

From David Lehew of Action Financial, regarding Tennessee Bill
I found it amazing to see some good news about debt collecting in my Inbox. Nice work for getting the scoop. Obviously Kelly Dicken and Ron Cunningham deserve great credit.

We want to hear from you! We would still like to get feedback, not only from our member authors but from any of our readers who have used information from the papers on any of the state laws. Please add a comment to this blog or email a comment to

By Marti Lythgoe, NL Editor

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