Looking for an affordable way to promote your creditors’ rights expertise?

AffordableAre you an attorney who specializes in creditors’ rights or who practices even partially in that area? Would you like more creditors to know you have expertise in that branch of the law?

Attorneys who practice in the area of creditors’ rights do one or all of the following:

  • File lawsuits and use other legal collection techniques to collect consumer debts (i.e., debts owed by individuals) &/or commercial debts (i.e., debts owed by businesses)
  • File lawsuits and use other legal collection techniques to collect/represent creditors’ interests in a bankruptcy proceeding
  • Foreclose homes or commercial real estate, if the purchaser defaults on payment
  • Recover (or replevin) secured goods (e.g., automobiles), if the purchaser defaults on payment
  • Defend the rights of creditors against one another, for example, where multiple creditors claim a right to levy against a particular piece of property, or against the debtor’s accounts in general 

The rising number of FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) and FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) lawsuits being filed has made the need for experienced and qualified attorneys who focus their practices on creditors’ rights more urgent than ever. This need inspired the creation of the CRLF Directory.

CreditorsRightsLawFirms.com (CRLF) is a premier, online, nationwide directory of experienced creditors’ rights attorneys. Established as an extension of The National List® of Attorneys, an organization that has provided quality, nationwide, legal representation to the credit and collection industry since 1900, CRLF has deep roots in the collection industry. We connect Fortune 500 companies, collection attorneys, collection agencies and credit grantors with qualified, experienced attorneys nationwide that concentrate on creditors’ rights.

The professionals listed on the CRLF site concentrate on creditors’ rights, commercial litigation, FDCPA Defense, FCRA defense, Truth in Lending Act and/or class action defense.  They are experienced in collection laws and litigation. They can expertly represent companies in bankruptcy proceedings and provide compliance counseling in all types of collections matters. In short, CRLF is the best source for legal representation regarding creditors’ right.

If you are looking for an affordable way to promote your practice, a listing on CreditorsRightsLawFirms.com  will effectively do that. One attorney reports getting up to 40 hits per month. 

When you are listed in the collection industry’s leading online directory of creditors’ rights defense attorneys, we help to connect you with creditors who are looking for a firm that will specifically meet their needs, without wasting hours of their precious time. The attorneys listed on this site can meet the needs of collection agencies, collection attorneys, creditors and business entities large and small.

Listings are by state and can be annual or monthly. It’s easy to sign up on line by following these simple steps: 1: Register and Create Login, 2: Purchase Subscription, 3: Enter Billing Information, 4: Enter Credit Card, 5: Create Listing.

A subscription provides you with a listing containing your firm name and contact information, areas of specialty, a link to your firm’s website, and an optional company profile with your firm’s biography, membership listing, and coverage areas. Creditors can search for attorney listings by city, state and area of specialty.

The results for each search are arranged in order of enrollment, so the sooner you enroll, the higher your firm will appear on the online directory!

If you are interested in more information about listing on this site, such as a quote on the areas you want to cover or a personal recommendation from one of our staff, please complete the form here. Someone from our office will contact you and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

Testimonial: I was happy to renew my listing since it paid for itself many times over by generating new business for my firm. I’m a happy customer! John E. Melton. MELTON LAW FIRM, PLLC

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