Are you using LinkedIn to build business relationships?

Puzzle piecesA great little success story related to being on LinkedIn was shared with the NL Staff recently by Kacey Rask, NL Account Executive. We think our blog followers will enjoy and could even benefit from the story.

Kacey reported, “Katie transferred a call to me from a gentleman who wanted to be approved on our website. In speaking with him, I found out that he operates a full-service collection agency that focuses in credit, collections and accounts receivables. Additionally, over the years, he has created his own attorney network, but he wasn’t aware of The National List of Attorneys. I asked him, ‘How did you find NL?’  He replied, ‘Funny story! I found you all on LinkedIn.’  I asked if he had seen our LinkedIn Group, and he said, ‘No, actually a good friend of mine connected with one of your office members, and the connection came up on my main screen. Since I hadn’t heard of your company prior to that, I immediately went to your website to do a little investigating. And here I am calling you.’”

Kacey wanted to share her experience because, “I truly believe LinkedIn is an amazing networking tool, and every connection makes a difference. Every LinkedIn connection counts!”

Are You on LinkedIn?

On the LinkedIn Press Page I learned, “More than 200 million professionals representing companies in more than 200 countries and territories, have joined LinkedIn to build their professional profiles, connect, find and be found, and get the insights they need to be better at their jobs every day.”

After I heard Kacey’s story, I Googled “LinkedIn Success Stories.” If you weren’t inspired by Kacey to either sign-up on LinkedIn or to do more with the listing you have, this is a good way to give yourself a jump-start. In addition to stories of success via LinkedIn, you’ll find articles and videos that will help you to use it more effectively in your specific market.

Are you looking for a way to build more business-oriented relationships?

Of course you want your business to be on Facebook and Twitter and have a website, maybe even a blog. But, in addition to keeping up with your friends and people you want to follow and learn from, LinkedIn provides a solid, reliable platform to initiate and grow relationships that are primarily business-oriented. Who knows! Someone may be introduced to the services you provide, and you will have a LinkedIn success story to tell, just like Kacey.

Are you eligible to join the NL LinkedIn Professional Group?

The NL LinkedIn Professional Group has 820 members. Active NL attorney members, forwarders or debt collection industry vendors can request membership in the group. New attorney members and clients receive an invitation to join. NL announces and welcomes new attorney members to our group on a regular basis, and we encourage our attorney members and subscribers to share and discuss collection-industry-related subject matter.

If you are a National List attorney member or subscriber and haven’t done so already, we encourage you to request membership in the NL Group on LinkedIn and participate in our discussions. If you do not fall into either of these categories or would like to become a National List attorney member, please contact our office at (800) 227-1675 or for information about how to become a part of our network.

We look forward to input from you as a professional member of our industry forum. We and our current LinkedIn Group members are excited to share news, ideas, questions and discussion topics with you. To request membership, call (800) 227-1675 today.

By Marti Lythgoe, NL Editor

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