Forwarders, why do the “legwork” of qualifying attorneys, when NL will do it for free?

LegworkDo you need to forward accounts to an attorney? Savvy forwarders and other debt collection professionals are using The National List of Attorneys’ free services to do the “legwork” of qualifying their attorneys—matching the clients’ needs to the attorney who is most qualified and able to assist them. Not only does NL clear attorneys for rates, time constraints, minimum or maximum number of claims, or other conflicts, we also ensure that the attorney meets the clients’ operational needs, such as collection software used, collectors on staff, suit requirements, etc. Forwarders who are registering their claims with The National List, have a “middleman” to provide those and additional services for them. NL acts as an extension of their office, with knowledgeable people standing by to go the extra mile to help them.

Why select an attorney from a random list, when you can benefit from these NL services at no cost to you:

  • Account Representatives. You will speak with NL staff members who devote themselves to consistently delivering exceptional results. Taking a personal interest in every client, debt collection professional and collection attorney member is what sets The National List (NL) apart from other “attorney referral services.” You will receive a prompt response to your requests for information specific to your needs.
  • Personal Service. We go beyond simple referrals by providing customized recommendations, and by working one-on-one with you to make certain your needs are met. Before making a recommendation, we personally contact attorneys worldwide on your behalf and review your terms and conditions with them to confirm that they meet your requirements, saving you time and money.
  • Law Firm Profile. With each referral, NL provides you with a law firm profile that includes information such as firm size, areas of practice, geographic coverage area and standard collection procedures.
  • Claim Protection. With proper notification to NL, a $3.5 million insurance policy covers each claim forwarded to attorney members from defalcation (misappropriation) of funds in the United States and Canada. By insuring your claims, you enable our service department to assist you with any problems that could possibly arise.
  • Communication Facilitator. The National List takes pride in having a reputable network of debt collection law firms and in working with industry professionals nationwide. Still, our clients and our law firm members are not immune to problems. When unresolved matters do arise, The National List can be your first line of defense in facilitating communication with our collection attorney members. We handle disputes with the greatest care. We don’t take sides; we mediate to help achieve a satisfactory result for both parties.
  • Testimonials:  To read testimonials from NL clients and members, click here.

Times have changed! Most attorneys no longer take every file sent to them. They have become much more selective in the new clients and files they accept. For example, some do not accept single placements; they want to know that this will be a continuing client who will forward X number of files per month. They may have a minimum dollar value of claims they accept. They may currently have such a volume of clients to service and accounts to work that they are not taking on new ones. Let The National List do the work and find the attorney that most perfectly meets your needs.

The National List will stay with you for the entire attorney/client relationship. Contact NL today for an attorney recommendation. Call 800.227.1675 or email

By Marti Lythgoe, NL Editor

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  1. Love this article! NL is here to support you in ALL phases of legal recovery, from qualifying to insuring claims and even problem resolving. Let us help!

  2. All True! The National List is my go-to resource for my forwarding needs! I highly recommend their service.
    Inner-Circle Debt Solutions
    Patrick Ingegno

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