Contemplating a Technology Purchase? A Unique Twist on 7 Questions to Ask!

tips - headline of a listNational List vendor partner IAT SmartDial recently announced the publication of a complimentary white paper with a somewhat unique twist. It’s entitled “7 Questions to Ask Before Selecting Your Next Dialing Technology.” What struck me as unusual is that they are not questions to ask the dialer vendors under consideration, but questions to ask yourself, even before you go “shopping.” They are also relevant questions to consider before any major technology or service purchase.

A Helpful Purchasing Guide

IAT’s Press Release states that the paper “aims to give collection organizations an objective, helpful purchasing guide,” and that’s what it is—for dialing technology or a variety of technology purchases that you might be contemplating.

“If your only pre-purchase question is ‘How much will this cost?’ you’re jeopardizing your company’s success,” said Ray Fowler, IAT Sales & Marketing Director. Randy Cooper, IAT President/CEO, adds, “Too often companies blindly shop for a dialer [or other technology], relying only on the vendors’ advice. Your management team knows your business needs better than any dialer vendor. Research and determine your requirements before you start dialer shopping. IAT’s new white paper provides the frank, unbiased information necessary for assessing your dialing technology needs.”

And I might add, the paper can serve as a guide to researching and determining your business needs and requirements, no matter what you are in the market for.

The Introduction to the paper states, “With numerous available options, the process of selecting dialing technology has become more difficult for debt collection agencies. To avoid costly mistakes, agency executives must be proactive in researching and selecting a dialer. Part of the research should include asking yourself these 7 questions in order to determine what kind of technology would best benefit you.”

A Sneak Preview of the Questions

With permission from IAT, I’m providing you with a sneak preview of 4 of the 7 questions that could apply to technology purchases of all varieties. But if you want to know what the other 3 questions are and more information about how they relate specifically to a dialer purchase, you’ll have to visit this link and download the entire paper.

  1. What are my specific compliance requirements? In the debt collection industry, compliance is a constantly changing concern in any aspect of our business. Will this new technology help you to meet your specific compliance requirements?
  2. How capable is my IT staff? Before you purchase any new technology, you should assess whether or not you have someone in-house who can operate and manage it. In most law offices, purchases should probably require minimal IT support.
  3. How important is data security? Data security will always be important to law firms and collection agencies. Will you be safer keeping your data in-house or storing it “in the cloud”? Check out what the people at IAT think.
  4. What plans do I have for expansion and growth? You might even be hoping that this new technology will help you grow. If so, can it easily grow with you and be a long-term solution based on your growth projections?

A Utah-based company, IAT SmartDial provides compliance capable cloud-based, site-premised and hybrid dialing solutions for ARM industry organizations of all sizes and varieties. The new white paper addresses a range of topics including those we’ve briefly mentioned here. To download the complimentary white paper, visit this link. To learn more about IAT’s products and services, contact Ray Fowler, Director, Sales & Marketing, call 800.574.8801, ext 203, or email

We thank our friends at IAT SmartDial for allowing us to share this “scoop” with our readers.

By Marti Lythgoe, NL Editor

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