What More Can You Do to Market Your Law Firm?

businessman thinkingOn September 26th, we posted a blog titled Ten Tips: How to Get the Most Marketing Benefit from NL Membership $$. Perhaps you noticed that, for several of the tips, we can’t help you unless you first help us. They require that you be proactive in telling NL what you can help your clients with so that we can convince prospective clients that your firm is the right choice for them.

How to help NL help you:
1. At the fall NARCA conference Kacey, our Account Executive, learned that more clients are looking for firms that have regional coverage. If you cover multiple states, do you have NL listings for all of them?
2. If you offer statewide coverage, does NL know that about your firm? We can’t recommend you for it unless you have a Statewide Coverage listing.
3. Have you recently moved or changed your phone, fax or email information? We can’t tell prospective clients how to get in touch with you if the information in you listing(s) isn’t correct.
4. Is your firm’s profile on our website at http://www.nationallist.com up-to-date? Are you “tooting your own horn” by telling us and your clients, both current and prospective, all the things you can do for them and the technology you have that helps you do those things quickly and cost-effectively? The website listing is free, and a great way for clients to find out more about your firm and determine if you can meet their needs. It’s updated immediately when we have new information.
5. Have you added a new area of concentration? Does NL know about it? Do your clients? We publish by Commercial, Retail, Bankruptcy, Subrogation, Insurance and Transportation categories. If your clients know you are branching out, they might refer your firm to others who need a different service than they do. Word-of-mouth is a powerful marketing tool!
6. Do you have a need to forward claims to attorneys outside your state? If so, contact us for a recommendation. We will refer you to law firms that also forward claims out of state. Then they can reciprocate, when they have the opportunity, and do the same for you.
7. Write a guest blog for NL Insider. It’s great publicity for your firm, and it’s Free.

How to market to existing clients:
Example: Have you ever gone into a bank intending to use only one of their services, such as open a checking account? As you walk in, you see brochures offering home and auto loans, investment counseling and services such as IRAs and Certificates of deposit. A large sign states that for a limited time, if you open a savings account, the bank will add $200 to your balance. You decide to open a savings account that day, too. In the future, when you need one of the other services, like a car loan, you return to the bank that you know offers them. You’ve been happy with their checking and savings account services, so you trust them to perform other services for you.

When you meet with a client, do you ask questions that might help you determine all the ways that your firm can help this person? Do you find a way to tell your clients all the things you can do for them, their business partners and colleagues or even family members, so they can spread the word?
• If you have pre-litigation collectors on staff, do you offer than alternative?
• If you handle large volume clients, small volume clients or both, do you make prospective clients aware of it, through your NL listing or in other ways?
• If you handle several types of debt collection, such as commercial, retail and/or subrogation, does that come up in the conversation, when appropriate?
• Do you offer a discounted rate for an annual retainer? Do you include unbundled legal services or discrete task representation, by providing a specific service to a client rather than being retained to handle all aspects of a client’s case?
• Do you stress compliance with local and federal debt collection laws?
• Do you facilitate workable solutions through mediation?
• If you pay for advertising on the NL website or elsewhere, do you have a marketing expert help you get across your most important and marketable services.
• If you offer multiple-county, statewide or regional coverage, do you make that clear?
• Do you allow clients to ask you questions about your firm that will help to build their confidence in you and make them want to recommend you to others?

Help NL help you by communicating everything you offer to NL. Then pass it on to clients you meet with. Talk to us about what we can do to publicize everything you do. For personalized help with implementing NL marketing opportunities, call 1-800-227-1675 and a member of our staff will be happy to help you.

PS. NL Members, watch your email for a special offer that can help you enhance your client base!

By Marti Lythgoe, NL Editor

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