TX, TN and MS Now Covered by National List Appearance Counsel (NLAC)

Case wonNL members in Texas, Tennessee and Mississippi now can be represented by a network of carefully screened attorneys who are available to appear when they cannot. Our focus is on compliance that exceeds industry standards, and on providing a high-quality service to our members and clients throughout the credit and collection industry. We are expanding this service into other states, based on the need expressed by our members, so please let us know which additional state(s) you would like us to service.

How NLAC got started
NLAC got started when one of our valued law firm members in the state of Texas approached us for assistance in developing a better quality network of appearance counsel throughout the state. This law firm files suits in all counties in the state of Texas. However, it is too costly for them to travel to all 254 counties for every hearing. Thus, like most debt collection firms that cover the entire state of Texas, they were hiring local counsel to make an appearance on their behalf for default judgment hearings, motion hearings, depositions, etc. Their objective was to have familiar counsel in front of the judge for their hearings. That way the courts would be familiar with the appearance counsel and the appearance counsel would be familiar with their case files, work standards and the court’s procedures. We were honored by their request, and we accepted the challenge.

We started developing a network of appearance counsel in Texas in March of 2012. The response has been so favorable that we are now putting considerable effort into expansion into other states and counties. Our service includes:

Enhanced Client Features
• Each client is provided a Case Assignment Coordinator for all appearance requests
• Requests can be submitted securely online at http://www.NLAC.biz on a per-case-basis, or submitted as batch requests in a tab-delimited file via secured FTP
• Confirmation-of-submission emails are sent to clients when they make an appearance request
• Contact information is provided to the client for each attorney appearing on their behalf
• Detailed results of each case and proper documentation is provided in a timely manner
• Clients receive status updates on each case sent to our office, and a report showing the results of all hearings and the percentage of judgments, continuances, etc.

• Cloud-based server with NLAC hardware located in a data facility that is SSAE16 SOC 2 certified
• Data facility that has its own internal mirrored backups in separate locations all across the country and a redundant power source
• All documentation is processed through secure FTP to ensure data security
• All clients and NLAC attorneys have a secure login and password to access documents

Attorney Screening Process
• Attorney must pass a pre-approval process, including a full comprehensive background check
• Attorney must have a signed contract with NLAC to appear on our client’s behalf
• Attorney must review and agree to NLAC Work Standards; periodic review and training of client specific work standards included
• Attorney must provide a copy of Errors and Omissions declarations page annually
• Attorney must provide a copy of their bar card annually
• Annual review of bar status is conducted on all NLAC attorneys

Terms of the agreement
Counsel is paid a flat fee per appearance. The flat fee varies based on the type of hearing, the number of hearings per appearance and the location. Counsel must be licensed to practice law in the state where they serve and adhere to our work standards, terms and conditions.

Training and mentoring
There is no experience required to serve as appearance counsel, as we offer training and mentoring. We start small by asking counsel to appear on occasion to create a track record for timely appearances and timely reporting.

Another member benefit
The National List is pleased to provide this additional service to our member attorneys and firms in TX, TN and MS. If you are a lawyer in who would like to participate in our appearance counsel program, please contact at Katie Stromstad at kstromstad@nationallist.com  or at 800.227.1675, or complete an application at http://www.nationallist.com/?id=171.

Please keep NL in mind and notify us of your appearance counsel needs! We would be thrilled to have your firm participate in our expansion process!

For more information on the NLAC Program, please contact Katie Stromstad at 701.425.0966 or kstromstad@nationallist.com.

By Katie Stromstad, NL Director of Compliance & NLAC
800.227.1675 ext. 111
Direct: 701.425.0966

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