CLLA Take-Back: Networking Facilitates Change

Crystal Water Drop“Change” is the buzzword in the debt collection industry, no matter what you read or where you go. But last week, 4/24-26, at the 2014 CLLA Annual Convention in Chicago, National List attendees Leslie Herr and Kacey Rask were impressed with the message that how we get involved and respond to change defines us and has a ripple effect that can bring members of the industry together.

Leslie was a first-timer who is grateful for how welcome she was made to feel. She can’t wait to go again.

Leslie Herr

Leslie Herr

Both she and Kacey attended the Attorney Agency Networking event, put together by the CLLA and the CCAA to give CLLA member attorneys the opportunity to be introduced to agency members. “It’s a lot like a dating game,” Kacey reported. Attorneys sit six-to-a-table and agency members are rotated to each table and allowed ten minutes to socialize. “It’s a great way for attorneys and clients to have a face-to-face, if they are already working together, or to have an opportunity to exchange business cards and begin future attorney/client relationships.” Leslie added, “It was a great setting in which to meet potential NL attorney members and clients, and to explain how The National list can provide services to clients and draw new clients to law firms.”

Kacey Rask

Kacey Rask

The PWCI (Professional Women in the Collection Industry) Event was co-hosted by Kacey for the second time. Both Leslie and Kacey pronounced it “A great success!” The theme was “Giving Back.” Kacey asked the speakers to talk about how they give back professionally, personally and in their communities. “We heard about Wanda’s involvement in her church through music, Erin’s involvement in her community through schools and Lori’s involvement in being on community boards doing pro-bono work. Their openness set the tone of the meeting, and there was not one person who didn’t contribute. I’ve gotten wonderful feedback since being back in the office.”

PWCI Speakers Lori J. Frank of Lori J. Frank, P.C., Wanda Borges of Borges & Associates, LLC, and Erin Brereton of the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA) all had one common theme–networking. “By giving back in whatever way possible, you network, and by doing that, you have no idea where that little pebble will land, and what the outcome will be as a result of your being involved,” Leslie summarized.  “Because of involvement in different places (communities, bar associations, etc.), opportunities arise through the relationships that develop. The same sentiment was expressed at the YMS General Membership & First Time Attender’s Reception. New and young members were encouraged to network and be involved on whatever level they are comfortable with.”

Leslie concluded, “Change is upon us due to the industry regulations that have been introduced. Those changes affect all of us.”  Kacey added, “Jeff Schatzman (past CLLA President) and Barry Gammons (incoming CLLA President) both spoke about embracing change and working through it together. I think that’s what I loved most about the conference. CLLA is always a wonderful opportunity to renew some of our long-standing attorney relationships, dine with some of our great clients, and learn more about the commercial collections industry.”

The annual Chicago, IL, Midwestern Conference will not be held in Chicago next year. It will be in Las Vegas for the first time in many years. CLLA Southern Region is hosting a meeting Feb. 14-19th in Tampa. They are expecting around 85-100 people and have multiple fun activities planned around the curriculum and meetings.

We hope that many of our NL members, clients and friends will consider becoming more involved with the CLLA in the future.

Leslie Herr, Systems Administrator
Kacey Rask, Account Executive


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