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Kaitlyn StangelandThe National List is about more than custom attorney referrals. Foremost, we are also about excellent service not offered by any other attorney list. This is the fourth of our introductions to a National List Team Member who will help to give you the excellent service our members and clients have come to expect. Kaitlyn Stangeland, NL Customer Service/Compliance Associate for almost 3 years, is our “Team Member of the Month.” 

Kaitlyn started working for The National List in Sept. 2011, when she moved to Bismarck to attend college. She was looking for a job that would be part-time with flexible hours and an opportunity for a career after graduation. Working for NL filled all those requirements. 

Kaitlyn’s primary responsibilities revolve around NL’s Compliance Program. “If it has the word compliance in it, then I’m your lady!! I work directly with clients, forwarders and attorneys on compliance-related issues. Every month I audit the list of all the firms that are part of the NL Compliance Program to see whose information and insurance declaration pages are expiring. If they are, I request this information from them. When I’ve received all the information, I format it to send to our compliance partners for their records. As part of the Compliance Program, I also check the bar status of attorneys and do business credit checks on them.”

Kaitlyn has recently taken on more client service responsibilities, including giving client recommendations to attorneys. “I enjoy being the phone call attorneys have been waiting for that offers possible new business. I also call forwarders who are existing clients to touch base with them and remind them how all of our FREE services can benefit them.”

Kaitlyn also helps in the office and does administrative tasks wherever she is needed. She answers all the questions about compliance and has the opportunity to sell the Compliance Program in the process. “Signing up my first Compliance Client Partner was the most excitement I have ever felt while at work. It was a great feeling! I can’t wait to sell the Compliance Program to many more clients! I know how valuable this service is to the new compliance-based industry we are in, and how much it helps our attorneys and clients with their compliance infrastructure.”

Building relationships with everyone, whether it be co-workers, attorneys, forwarders, or the mailman, is one of Kaitlyn’s most outstanding characteristics. “I always try to be friendly and outgoing with anyone I associate with. And, if you reply promptly within the month to my compliance requests, I will send you a token of appreciation from NL! We all like to give and receive surprise gifts!”

When asked what she has learned about the debt collection industry that she thinks most people don’t know, she replied, “The main thing I have learned is that it is always changing. There are new rules and regulations all the time. Dealing with compliance has made me aware of this. It takes time to understand this industry. Once you’ve learned something, it changes. Every day is a learning process.”

Kaitlyn’s enthusiasm for her job is contagious! “I love the one-on-one contact with clients and attorneys. I love providing information to the compliance partners so they don’t have to go after it themselves. I think of myself as a helping hand when it comes to staying up-to-date with all the new compliance rules and regulations. I also love calling our attorneys and asking them if they are interested in possible new business. I’m like a match maker, and I love that!”

Kaitlyn was born in raised in the small town of Carrington, ND – population 2,000. Moving to Bismarck “was definitely a change! I am much more a small town girl! I don’t like the traffic. I would much rather it take me 2 minutes to get across town than 12. I went to Carrington Elementary School until 8th grade. Then I attended Carrington High School, were I graduated with a class of 47. I have an Associate’s Degree in Science from Bismarck State College. I am currently pursuing a double Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and International Business.”

When Kaitlyn is not working or studying, she loves doing anything outdoors. “I love hunting, fishing, working cattle, spending time at the lake, and most of all being with my family and friends. I love ND because I love the small towns, the gravel roads, and the season changes. It is a state of full of beauty and color with limitless space.”

Kaitlyn’s goals are “to be successful and keep people smiling. If I can achieve these goals, I can achieve anything!” To know Kaitlyn is to believe that she can!

By Kaitlyn Stangeland, NL Customer Service/Compliance Associate with Marti Lythgoe, NL Editor

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