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th.Tiffany_200Custom attorney referrals and excellent client/member service not offered by any other attorney list are what The National List is known for. This is the fifth of our series of introductions to a National List Team Member who gives you the excellent service our members and clients have come to expect. Tiffany Thrasher, NL’s Case Assignment and Compliance Coordinator, is our “Team Member of the Month.” 

Tiffany joined The National List in April of 2013. She had just graduated from Dickinson State University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a minor in Management, and she had over seven years of customer service experience. She was referred to NL by her good friend and NL employee, Brittany Roe. As the Case Assignment Coordinator of the National List Appearance Counsel (NLAC) Program, Tiffany’s experience helps her to develop strong relationships with the clients and attorney members she works with as she provides qualified appearance counsel to our law firms.

“I process all appearance requests, provide all necessary documentation and assign qualified local counsel to appear in court. I coordinate communication between the firm and local counsel regarding hearings. I work very hard to ensure our attorneys have everything they need for a hearing and to answer any questions in a timely manner. I love being able to cover assignments quickly so our attorneys have one less thing to worry about. I also find qualified attorneys who are not currently working with NLAC who would like to be a part of our network.”

“In my position as a Compliance Coordinator, I assist in collecting insurance documentation, documentation on the firms’ policies and procedures, security information, and many other due diligence requirements. I like talking with people every day, and I think it is very important to have a professional yet friendly tone during a call.”

When asked what she has learned about the debt collection industry that she thinks most people don’t know, Tiffany replied, “I never thought about the distance firms would have to travel for non-local hearings or the amount of hearings that can be involved with a single file. I think more people could benefit from learning about the NLAC, like I have. My favorite thing about my job is getting to know the great attorneys I work with! I enjoy learning about locations outside of North Dakota and being able to picture them on a map.”

Tiffany was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. “After living in various places in North Dakota and California, we eventually settled in Bismarck, ND, when I was about 8 years old. I have been here ever since. My parents and siblings all live in Bismarck, so I am glad that I am able to see them often. I have a nephew and two nieces who are wild and crazy-fun to spend time with! I have a long-term boyfriend and I enjoy spending a lot of time with him and his family, as well.”

When she’s not working, Tiffany enjoys reading and watching movies while cuddling with her two puppies. She also likes to play recreational volleyball and see live music in her area. Her favorite thing about North Dakota is the summer. “I love the weather, going to the lake and spending time on the Missouri River. Bismarck is a great community. It is just about the right size for me. The residents here take pride in our city, and we are constantly working to develop it and make it better!”

Tiffany looks forward to getting married and starting a family. “Along with that, I hope to always continue learning. Whether by taking classes or reading books on new subjects, I want to keep developing myself. Professionally, I would like to continue to do work that I can take pride in and that I feel helps people.”

By Tiffany Thrasher, with Marti Lythgoe

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