Pay It Forward: Attorney to Attorney Forwarding

Pay it ForwardDoes your firm ever forward claims to attorneys outside your state? If so, take advantage of The National List’s Attorney to Attorney Forwarding program, and contact us for a recommendation. We will find local counsel in your requested state AND try and match your firm to one that forwards business, as well. When you “pay it forward,” they are likely to reciprocate and forward claims to you. It’s a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” marketing opportunity. 

Who can you trust?

The National List is much more than a referral directory. We specialize in relationship building and networking opportunities that create mutual business. NL member attorney Rudy Gaba, Jr., of GABA Law Corporation, told us, “With more and more of my direct clients placing accounts with me for other States, I find myself in need of good, reputable and responsive attorneys now more than ever. Recalling how extensive and thorough of an application process The National List put me through before allowing me to join their list, I’ve always felt comfortable coming  to them for a referral to a fellow out-of-State collection’s attorney. Their staff is extremely responsive and have a recommendation for me within an hour, and then a follow up within a few days thereafter to see how things went. Each time, their recommendations have turned out to be great! Just another added benefit to me for being a member of The National List.”

Marketing benefit

Your membership in NL can be a big boost to your marketing efforts and worth every penny of your membership fees, IF you take advantage of all the benefits that are included, like Attorney to Attorney Forwarding. NL Members who take advantage of all their marketing benefits get more value out of their membership and more clients! Attorney to Attorney Forwarding might be just one of the marketing benefits included in your National List membership that you aren’t taking advantage of. Check out our blogs  “Are You Sure??” and  “Ten Tips: How to Get the Most Marketing Benefit from NL Membership $$” to see what else you might be missing.

Not sure that you are taking advantage of everything your NL membership offers? Contact the NL office so we can walk you through other benefits that are not mentioned here. We’re here to help market your firm.

Another benefit of your membership is our experience. Help NL help you by communicating to us everything you offer to clients. Talk to us about what we can do to help publicize all your services.

For personalized help with Attorney to Attorney Forwarding or with implementing other NL marketing opportunities, call Leslie Herr, Director of Attorney Services at 1-800-227-1675 ext. 107, or contact her via email at

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