Where does NL fit in your legal outsourcing?

Puzzle piecesThe role of law lists has evolved over the years.  When I started in the industry, some 14 years ago, the role of most law lists was simply to provide a list of attorneys that potential clients can search for by City/County/State and sometimes specialty.

However, I wouldn’t be posing the question “Where does NL fit in your legal outsourcing?” if the role filled by The National List of Attorneys (NL) hadn’t changed and become much more inclusive!

For over 114 years, The National List has been the leading source for locating attorneys nationwide. Our team of professionals has over 100 (one hundred) years of combined industry experience, and we devote ourselves to consistently delivering exceptional results in other ways for our forwarders, clients and member firms.

So let’s talk turkey! – It is getting close to Thanksgiving – right?

How National List Benefits Forwarders

Our team assists in making introductions on our client’s behalf to NL member firms. Prior to sending your collection matter to a firm, we take a personal approach and a member of our team contacts the firm on your behalf.  Why?  We want the process of placing files to our members to be as easy as possible to help you save time. Who doesn’t want a free assistant?!  Plus, our team works hard to have that personal knowledge of both our debt-collection law firm members and our clients, so that we can provide each with quality, customized recommendations.

Once we have introduced you to a firm, and you have chosen to place your claim(s) with them, we take a step back.  This allows you to build a relationship with the law firm. But that doesn’t mean our relationship with you—the forwarder—ends. If, at any time, there is a breakdown in communication between you and the NL member firm, just let us know, and we will act on your behalf to bridge the gap.

Simply put, our team is available to assist you in any way we can, whether it is to discuss questions or concerns on the forwarding process, to get advice on how to handle a unique situation, or just as a source of information.

And don’t forget that every claim you place and register with a National List member will be protected by NL’s FREE insurance of up to $3.5 million.  NL’s insurance is the largest amount in the industry, and we do not share our policy with any other legal service. So be sure you take advantage of it.

How NL Benefits Attorney Members 

The National List markets our lawyers and member law firms by publishing their firm information on http://www.nationallist.com and in our annual printed directory. This helps to provide introductions to new clients who are in a position to send work to your law firm.

With ongoing and innovative marketing programs designed to attract profitable claims, we work daily to increase our portfolio of quality sources and caseloads for our attorney members. The National List offers many types and levels of memberships that meet the needs of our diverse clients—from county listings, to statewide memberships, to regional footprints.  Our clients are as diverse as our attorney members, so we strive to provide services that can fit all business models.

In order for our customer service and sales teams to provide quality introductions to our firm members, we know that it’s essential for them to understand a firm’s capabilities regarding collections. Each National List law firm member has a profile included with their listing. Our team uses these profiles daily to qualify firm recommendations for our forwarding clients. This “NL Member Profile” is also available under the member contact information on our website for forwarding clients to view, select firms, and send placements without assistance where applicable.

When speaking to our member firms, I am often asked, “What else can I do (as a NL member firm) to help promote our firm to new clients?” Some of the things I tell our members include:

  • We are a team – members who do their part, get the most out of their NL membership.
  • Respond to clients and potential clients promptly. Remember, you only get one first impression.
  • Ensure we have all of your firm’s information updated. We cannot promote your firms abilities unless we have the right tools in our toolbox.
  • Take advantage of the additional exposure we offer as often as you can. For example we are looking for informative industry content for our blog, the NL Insider. Be a guest writer. You never know who will read it, and every opportunity counts.
  • Use our staff as a resource when you need us. Unique situations can come up that you or your firm have not had to deal with before. Call our experienced staff for feedback. If we can’t give you the answer immediately, we will find it.

What roles are filled by your law list?

What roles do you want your law list to play in the success of your collection business or law firm? We are passionate about learning more about your firm and other ways you believe we can be of service to enhance the growth of your practice.

Check out our website or call us today at 800.227.1675 to find out more about the benefits you might be missing out on.

We believe you can benefit by the many roles filled by our dedicated team!

Leslie Herr
Director of Attorney Services

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