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Tiffany ThrasherLet us introduce ourselves. I’m Tiffany (left), and this is Kaitlyn, my colleague (right).Kaitlyn Stangeland You could spend days trying to locate an attorney to assist you with out-of-state collection accounts. Or you could call me or Kaitlyn at The National List to be your personal search engines. Your time is valuable, and our goal is to save time and money for you. We will assist you with personal attorney recommendations. It’s our specialty! We know our law firms’ capabilities and can introduce you to an attorney who is a great fit for your legal outsourcing needs.

You can avoid the hassle of having a file returned due to conflict of interest when you let us pre-qualify an attorney where the placement is located. Just provide the qualifying criteria (e.g., the type of debt, the contingency rate for the placement) you’d like us to use when searching for your best fit. Kaitlyn and I will not only pre-qualify the firm, but we will contact them and ensure that they are able to take your placement with no conflict of interest. Even if you are using a repeat firm, we will still contact them on your behalf to ensure they will accept that specific claim, again with no conflicts.

Essentially, Kaitlyn and I are here, ready and able, to act as your personal legal assistants. Best of all, we provide this service to you completely FREE! Not only do we make a personalized attorney introduction, we follow up to ensure that placement was sent and received with no issues, and that the firm truly is a good fit for you. We keep our records up-to-date so we know which of our firms can best meet your needs in the future.

But our service does not end there!

Keeping the lines of communication open between you and your attorney is essential to your collection success and satisfaction. Whenever you need assistance with a communication issue, we will contact the firm on your behalf. We will be your personal search engines and your legal assistants!

You can feel confident in using The National List as your source for legal referrals. Just as you go to trusted friends for answers to important questions, you can come to us, your friends at The National List, when you need a collection attorney. We dedicate ourselves to meeting your needs by recommending firms that we know inside and out, and by following up throughout the whole claims process.

So the next time you have a need for local legal counsel, give us a call and let us help you!  

Tiffany & Kaitlyn, Customer Service/Compliance Coordinators

Tiffany Thrasher, @ 800.227.1675 ext. 121, or Direct @ 701.751.6040
Kaitlyn Stangeland, @ 800.227.1675 ext. 101, or Direct @ 701.425.0981


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