FREE insurance protection? Are you sure?

Brittany RoeSo you’ve heard about The National List’s “FREE insurance protection,” but maybe you aren’t really sure what it is or how it works.

In case you have never spoken to or received an email from me, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Brittany and my primary duties at The National List are to see that your claims are insured, to answer your questions and to explain how taking advantage of NL’s insurance protection can benefit you!

If you forward placements through NL to active NL attorney members, NL’s FREE insurance protects you against defalcation of funds collected—up to $3.5 million! The National List is the only law list in the industry that does not share an insurance policy with another company. For detailed Terms & Conditions of the Insurance, Click here.

What’s the catch?

You’re probably thinking there has to be a catch someplace. This insurance protection can’t be FREE. Well, you’re wrong. The reason we can offer this to you for FREE is because The National List of Attorneys is a membership program for law firms. Our law firms pay an annual membership fee based on their geographical location, so our recommendations are quality and unbiased. When we insure your claims, attorney members see that as just part of the value they receive for their membership dollars. Membership benefits help retain a versatile pool of quality attorney members, allowing us to meet each client’s needs.

You, as the forwarder, can use NL to track the claims you have submitted to our attorney members. You will receive a monthly e-mail with a recap of the claims you have registered and insured through NL. This recap can be used to ensure the information we have on the claims you have submitted is accurate.

How time-consuming is it?

If you are worried about the work involved in utilizing our insurance protection, think again. We make it easy by giving you multiple ways to insure your claims.

  • Our website,, offers resources to submit placements to firms directly, and additionally allows you to insure placements through our office simultaneously. It’s as easy as selecting the attorney, attaching your docs, and clicking “submit & insure.”
  • Copy when you email a forwarding letter to the attorney.
  • Fax the forwarding letter to (701) 223-5634 – no cover sheet necessary. State in your letter that the attorney was chosen from NL, or simply put “cc: NL” at the bottom.
  • E-mail an excel spreadsheet with the insurance requirements noted below.
  • You can always mail us a copy of your forwarding letter, but the above options will save you time and money (postage).

The only information we need to insure your claims is:

  • The name and state of the receiving law firm
  • Your file # and/or the name of the debtor
  • The dollar amount of the claim
  • The date the claim was forwarded

When do I need to notify NL of the placement?

We accept claims for insurance up to 35 days from the date that the claims were sent to the NL attorney. Any placements outside the 35-day-mark can still be registered for any service matters you may have. You don’t need to worry about forgetting to insure your claims. We will send you a friendly reminder each month.

If you have any questions on insuring your claims or want to discuss the best way for your office to insure claims, please contact me at (701) 425-0986. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Brittany Roe, Client Services Representative

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