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Customer Service Puzzle Showing Consumer Support Or HelpdeskThe best customer service offered by a law list is available to you FREE here at The National List of Attorneys! What? You haven’t heard about our Service Department? Yes! We did use the word “service.” Our Service Department is dedicated to assisting your office with all placements sent to NL attorney members.

Our attorney members go through a diligent onboarding process, and they work hard to meet our client’s needs, but sometimes things can go wrong. Should a breakdown of communication arise between client and attorney, Tiffany and I [Kaitlyn] will step in and assist. However, in order for us to be able to help you, we must be familiar with your placement. It is essential that you register your claims with NL. When contacting attorney members on your behalf, this will help to expedite the process.

If an instance arises where you feel you have lost communication with your attorney, let us know. If you have emailed and called with no response, reach out to Tiffany or me, and one of us will contact the firm directly.

Servicing our clients’ needs is what Tiffany and I are dedicated to doing. Whether you need assistance with getting acknowledgment of claim(s) sent, receiving status checks & updates, transferring files from one firm to another, or bridging breakdowns in communication of any kind between forwarder and receiving law firm, we are here to help!

Keeping the lines of communication open between you and our attorney members is vitally important to you and to us. Should any disputes or miscommunication occur, we will work hard to resolve your issues. So don’t forget to register the claims that you send to NL member attorneys!

The National List not only offers personal attorney recommendations, but we also provide a team of “personal legal assistants” [Tiffany & Kaitlyn] who are ready and able to help with registered claims in any way that we can, using all the resources that are available to you through us. Don’t forget to take advantage of the level of FREE customer service that is offered only through The National List of Attorneys.

Tiffany & Kaitlyn, Customer Service/Compliance Coordinators

Tiffany Thrasher, @ 800.227.1675 ext. 121, or Direct @ 701.751.6040
Kaitlyn Stangeland, @ 800.227.1675 ext. 101, or Direct @ 701.425.0981

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  1. I can certainly vouch for this statement; I have used customer service at the NL on several occasions and I have always received the highest level of personal attention to my needs. I sometimes feel as though Tiffany is a member of my in-house legal placement dept. Having such professional assistance when I need it most is a great relief. Thank you!

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