FDCPA knowledgeable? How confident are you? Training Can Help!

Business meetingIf you were asked today to take an 80 question test on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), how confident are you that you would pass? What about other members of your firm or agency who talk or write to debtors? Would they pass? As FDCPA enforcement becomes ever more present, no one in the debt collection industry can afford to be uninformed.

Today’s tough compliance environment demands that every consumer interaction is conducted by a trained professional operating under strict guidelines. To operate your business profitably, you must be confident that you and your staff know all the rules, and are comfortable operating under them in every conversation. You also want the The National List of Attorneys (NL) members you work with to provide information to you via our Compliance Program. It will help to ensure they are in compliance with your work and ethical standards, terms and conditions, insurance requirements and more.

Consider Professional Training

NL wants to be sure that all of our attorney members and clients are in compliance with the new regulations being imposed by the FDCPA. That’s why we recommend that you and anyone on your staff who is talking to or writing to debtors sign up for a specialized training course. If you Google FDCPA Training, you will find several options.

Government-recognized FDCPA certification is not yet an option. However, the CFPB and FTC make it clear that they expect professional training for the employees of companies communicating with consumers about debt. 

Who Needs Training

Law Firms, Credit Unions, Collection Agencies, Debt Buyers, Creditors, Subrogation Organizations, and other customer service departments in the financial industry are all being urged to learn more about the new risks posed by FDCPA regulations and how to avoid them. We are currently researching training options as another way to serve as an information provider to the debt collection industry and to help you get your staff up-to-date on this important compliance issue. To learn more about our findings, contact us via info@nationallist.com.

We urge you to begin 2015 by taking steps to become more informed and knowledgeable about the FDCPA rules and regulations that are affecting all of us in the debt collection industry! Seek out and start taking a professional course today!


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