The Cost of Compliance

Vertican LogoWe have seen many changes over the years, but none as impactful and challenging as the exorbitant line-items required of attorneys and debt servicers to remain compliant and verify that they are compliant when they are audited.

Our unique role provides us the opportunity to educate the industry regarding compliance management.   For any compliance management system to be effective it also has to be comprehensive and meet the continually evolving demands of the collections industry. Working smarter and with the most technologically advanced tools has never been more significant. A comprehensive compliance management system is essential to avoiding potential liability.

Compliance Management System

In response to these challenges National List has partnered with Vertican Technologies, Inc. We are proud to be the exclusive distributor in the collections industry of Vertiply, their stand-alone compliance management system. We believe it is the most comprehensive compliance management system available today. Vertiply will greatly enhance your control of internal compliance, performing remediation in real time, while alerting you of compliance compromises occurring outside of your office.

Vertiply encompasses everything from FDCPA complaint resolution, proactive collector training, policy & procedure management and communication, vendor management, and seamless communication with all third party collection software platforms. Easy to implement and cost-effective, Vertiply provides a broad range of utility, helping you succeed within the new landscape of our industry.

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