Recap: NARCA* 2015 Fall Collection Conference

NARCA 2015FallBannerI recently returned from the 2015 NARCA Fall Collection Conference, held at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, Washington, DC. What a wonderful venue to host a convention! I’m quite confident that everyone who attended was impressed with the facility. NARCA has always been one of my favorite conferences to attend, and this one—my 21st year—was no different.

Harvey Moore

Harvey Moore

NARCA’s newly elected President is National List member Harvey M. Moore, of the Moore Law Group, Santa Ana, CA. We are very proud of Harvey and thrilled to have “one of our own” fill this important position. Harvey has been a National List member since 2004.

As is always the case, this NARCA Conference was filled with networking opportunities! I was told that the number of attendees was right around 800, and there were lots of opportunities where I could meet with NL members and potential members and clients.

Like so many other collection conferences that I have attended over the past few years, the buzz words continued to be compliance and regulation. The uncertainty surrounding the CFPB regulations still lingers. What collection professionals are asking for is, “Tell us the guidelines and we will adhere to them. Just tell us!” Many informative sessions were geared toward helping to answer members’ questions.

NL Members Brent Yarborough of Zarzaur & Cunningham, P.C, and Michael Joyce, and Keith Shindler, of Shindler & Joyce presented a session entitled “Legal Dings, Dents and Crashes: Collecting on Auto Deficiency Accounts.” Watch for a blog covering the timely and educational information that attendees heard there.

We are also proud to claim as NL member presenters Robert Bernstein and Shawn McClure of Bernstein-Burkley, P.C. Their session was entitled “Ethics and Technology in Collections.”

The National List supports and actively participates in all NARCA events. We encourage you to attend the NARCA 2016 Spring Collection Conference, May 4 – 7, Sheraton Chicago Hotel, Chicago, IL. We look forward to connecting with you at future NARCA and other industry conferences.

Randy Nicola, Executive Vice President, The National List of Attorneys

*NARCA now goes by the name of The National Creditors Bar Association (TM).

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