Thankful for You!

Thank YouAs we pause this week to focus on what we are thankful for, we want you to know that we are thankful for you—each one of our clients and members—individually. Each of you has made a unique contribution to our business and to our lives. Because of who you are, what you do for us, and what you allow us to do for you, we are thankful that we can associate with you and count you as our friends.

Serving you brings us great satisfaction, and your appreciation for what we do (by insuring your claims over National List and our law firm members continued membership) makes our relationship with you even sweeter. It is our hope that during the coming year we will have opportunities to get to know each one of you even better.

All of us at The National List sincerely wish each of you a very Happy Thanksgiving and a coming year full of things to be thankful for! We hope you feel our gratitude for you and our strong desire to serve you each and every day!

Happy Thanksgiving to YOU

From each of us at The National List of Attorneys

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