Welcome to 2016—and to Our New Website!

Welcome 2016It is hard to believe it’s the New Year already.  Where has the time gone?  In 2015 we continued to see changes in our industry, with regulation and compliance, firm acquisitions and mergers, as well as changes in how our members and clients do business.

New Website

National List changed in 2015, as well.  We invested heavily in the technology of our website, in order to better meet the needs of our clients and members. We introduced new functionality as well as enhanced existing features.

Our new site is designed to offer greater ease of navigation and functionality, in order to better serve our registered members and clients in sending and receiving accounts seamlessly. Click here to register.

New Functionality

The most exciting new functionality is our NEW Member Portal (My NL). The portal is designed for both senders and receivers of placements to be a seamless and secure way to send accounts and attachments online, AND to insure placements with our $3.5 million insurance policy, all at the same time.  Plus, it gives the receiving attorney/law firm the ability to Accept or Decline placement opportunities with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Forwarder Benefits

Forwarder benefits allow the sender to know the status of acceptance or declined placement(s) as soon as the status has been changed in the portal by the attorney selected.  No more wondering if the attorney/law firm received the email or attachments, or if they are working the file(s) or not, and with just a click you can resubmit to a new attorney.

Features of the MY NL Portal include:

  • Cloud-Based – Allows for ANY TIME access, as long as you have internet connectivity.
    • All attachments stored online.
    • No file size limitation.
    • No limitation on number of attachments included.
  • Automatic system-generated notifications of the new claim, as well as scheduled reminders regarding claim acknowledgement.
    • Automatic updates on account status changes (New, Accepted, Closed, Declined, Expired)
    •  An expired status is displayed if the receiving attorney doesn’t acknowledge or decline the placement in the preset time (6 days from date of placement via the portal).
  • Ability to view a history of Accounts Sent and/or Received.
    • View notes on firms you’ve sent accounts to via NL.
    • Rate the firm –Your own personal rating system for the firms you forward business to via NL. Keep track in your MY NL Account for quick reference before future placements.
  • Easy resubmission of an account should the attorney decline or accounts need to be moved.

Take advantage of the changes!

Take this opportunity to check out the new MY NL portal or call me for a personal walk-through.  Let 2016 bring a change for the better in how you send placements to NL member attorneys!

Leslie Herr
Vice President of Member Services
Direct:  701.425.0987

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