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“Greene & Cooper, LLP has been friends with National List for thirty years. During this time it has been a mutually profitable and beneficial relationship,” writes Allison Elkins Cooper, Associate Attorney. “My father, Kyle A. Cooper, founded Greene & Cooper thirty years ago. For me, one of the most significant aspects of coming to work is that I get to work with my family. I am a fourth generation creditors’ rights attorney, and I am immensely proud that I have the opportunity to continue my family’s legacy in this area. Because this is a family business, when we are not working, we spend time thinking about how to work better. We are a unit of people driven to provide the best service possible to our clients, not only because it is our business, but because it is our family pride.

“My favorite thing about practicing law in this area is the fast-paced ability that a Creditors’ Rights firm has to move files. Everyday there is a new file that I get to work and a new solution I get to apply. It is very rewarding when I get to see so many of our files reach a successful resolution. The most challenging aspect of my job is the long hours. I am often up until the wee hours of the morning reviewing new case law and analyzing files in order to stay informed in this constantly changing industry.” 

Full-Service Creditors’ Rights Firm

Greene & Cooper, LLP is a full service creditors’ rights firm with its headquarters in Roswell, Georgia. Over the past thirty years, they have expanded to a multi-state practice with 85 employees (10 attorneys) and offices in Kentucky, Indiana, Georgia and Ohio. The firm has gained acclaim for its wide range of services offered to protect the interests of creditors, including: consumer and commercial collection (pre-suit and post judgment), subrogation, foreclosure (judicial and non-judicial) and bankruptcy. They represent Financial Institutions, National Forwarders, Banks and Credit Unions, Auto Finance and insurance Companies, Private Colleges & Universities, Fortune 5000 Companies, Medical Services Providers, Collection Agencies, and Debt Buyers.

Greene & Cooper is led by Managing Partner, Kyle A. Cooper. Mr. Cooper is currently a Bankruptcy Trustee for the United States Bankruptcy, Northern District of Georgia, and he previously served as a Trustee for the United States Bankruptcy Court, Western District of Kentucky. As a founding member, he has transformed his one-state practice into a growing multi-state firm.

Innovation in Technology & Compliance

Greene & Cooper is also known for innovation in collections technology and compliance. Most recently, the firm received accolades for its ground breaking “Compliance Bridge.” This proprietary system is used to manage compliance with the FDCPA. Employees are required to complete testing on the FDCPA upon initial hiring and periodically throughout the year. Secured access to the Compliance Bridge permits each employee to log in and undergo testing on required, updated training material. Via the Compliance Bridge, the firm is able to efficiently disseminate materials pertaining to the FDCPA, including notifications of any changes under the Act or relevant case law, to paralegals and other staff persons working on account collection.

Greene & Cooper’s compliance notoriety expands beyond the Compliance Bridge. The firm’s other features consist of an IAT Smart Dialer Solutions Auto Dialer that includes cell phone scrubbing and a call recording module, Commercial Legal Software (Collection-Master), Sonic Wall & Virus Protection, as well as a 24/7 camera-monitored environment to ensure the security of all client data. The firm remains active in the creditors’ rights section of the bar and has been instrumental in assisting with the reenactment of Georgia’s wage garnishment legislation. They continuously seek to be proactive and never reactive. They strive to change with the market in this constantly evolving environment.

Repeat Business

Greene & Cooper prides itself on providing quality and efficient service while obtaining top results for its clients through proactive and innovative representation. “This corporate culture, combined with the aggressiveness with which Greene & Cooper works files and their detailed reporting, has created a foundation of clients that repeatedly utilize our firm. We continue to cherish our relationships with existing clients, while welcoming aboard new ones.”

Greene & Cooper logoThe National List is pleased and honored to have Greene & Cooper, LLP as a 30-year member of our list of esteemed collection attorneys. If you would like to use their services, register your claims through National List so they can be insured, and you can have both teams behind your collection needs.

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