Let NL Take the Guesswork out of Finding a Collections Law Firm

Match your needs conceptIf you are using only The National List’s online or printed directory to find an attorney, or if you are placing claims with one of our member attorneys without registering and insuring those claims through us, you aren’t getting the benefits from the FREE personalized staff services that set NL apart from other attorney referral lists. Why not take a little extra time to ensure you are working with a law firm personally selected to meet your collection needs, and to get the increased security of knowing that your claims are arriving at their intended destination and will be accepted by the recipient!

Personalized Service

At NL, we often joke about being the “dating service of the collections industry,” because we are the matchmakers between collection law firms and forwarders looking to find the “the one” who meets all their needs. If you aren’t using these personalized services, unfortunately one of the following could happen:

  • Because the attorney you’ve selected has not been pre-screened by us, he/she might not accept your rate or other requirements.
  • The attorney to whom you have sent a claim might not be responsive, and you won’t have our help to get information flowing.
  • The emails you send to an attorney we didn’t personally recommend might go to Junk or Spam.
  • An attorney may intentionally not respond to a random placement, because they don’t recognize the sender.

Looking for an Attorney?

Our trained team personally assists you by matching your needs with a law firm in your area that can meet them. We work one-on-one with you and do the leg work of qualifying the firm, based on your terms, conditions, compliance expectations, rates, and so much more. We compare profiles from you and from our member attorneys prior to making a recommendation, so you don’t have to go back and forth gathering information. We help to ensure that the attorney we refer has no conflicts with your needs and accepts your rates and other conditions prior to opening a claim.

We also make the first contact with the firm. We speak with the decision maker to ensure all your requirements are agreed to and there is no conflict of interest prior to introducing the firm to your office. This procedure ensures that the attorney is anticipating your placements, that all relevant information was previously cleared, and that the firm actually receives your communication.

To receive personalized assistance in selecting an attorney, call or send an email to Kacey Rask: (800) 227-1675 Ext. 104; krask@nationallist.com.* 

Concerned About the Security of your Claims?

Countless times our office has had to open service matters for our valued clients, because they submitted a claim to a NL attorney member that they found on their own, and the attorney never received it. With higher security in software, email, and in offices, more and more communications are getting caught in spam/junk filters. When you use our dedicated team to ensure that the attorney has your contact information on hand and is waiting for a placement from you, it greatly enhances the safe arrival of your claims and other communications.

Check Out the MY NL Website Portal

Our concern for the security of your claims inspired us to invest in building MY NL, a portal that provides clients with a seamless and secure environment for claims to be submitted directly from our website to the inbox of the decision maker in your chosen NL law firm. New business will NOT go to junk. Watch for a future blog on our security measures.

On-Going Communication

If a breakdown in communication occurs between you and your NL attorney regarding one of your registered accounts, contact us and we will mediate the problem for you. Our qualified staff stands ready to assist you with the personalized service our members and clients have come to expect.

To learn more about all NL services, contact Kacey Rask at krask@nationallist.com or call (800) 227-1675 Ext. 104. 

* If you are on our website’s Home Page, you can also click on Clients, and from there, click on Get a referral now. A qualified staff member will be in touch with you shortly.

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