Car Insurance? Of Course! Claims Insurance! Why?

Looking At Why?Would you drive your car without car insurance? Of course not! Then don’t send placements to attorneys without National List’s FREE claims insurance! Why not? The answers to these frequently-asked questions will make you a believer.

Frequently-Asked Questions about National List’s FREE Insurance Program:

“What protection does the National List’s Insurance Program offer?”

  • Coverage of up to $2 million against acts of larceny or embezzlement.
  • Similar coverage for loss due to other fraudulent or dishonest acts by attorneys.

“What does this extra insurance cost me?”

  • Nothing, zilch, nada, zero, zip, goose egg…
  • if you forward claims through The National List to National List attorney members.

“Is it hard to insure claims?” No!

  • If you email your placements, just CC
  • If you submit claims via our website, just select “insure” when making placement.
  • If you use YGC, just select “record 99” and then select NL.
  • If you fax placements, copy NL in your fax at 701.223.5634.

“Okay, what are the benefits?”

  • Insurance up to $2 million for each placement you make.
  • Participation in our comprehensive Compliance Program.
  • Free access to the personal services of our Service Department:
    • Helps move placements, if you have any issues.
    • Notifies you if there’s an issue with the firm with which you have placements.
    • Notifies you about staff changes in the law firm to which you send placements.
    • Notifies you if there’s a cancellation of a firm that you have worked with.
    • Assists you with any breakdown in communications between you and a firm.
    • Takes the work of follow-up with a firm off your desk. If a firm is unresponsive, we assist you in getting an update.
  • The benefit to us is providing “proof of new business” to our attorney members. This ensures that we will keep the best firms on our list, and we can continue to provide FREE industry services to you.

Don’t wait! Insure your National List placements, today!  If you have any questions, visit our website at or contact Kacey Rask by email at or by phone at 800.227.1675, ext. 104.

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