Enhancing Health and Wellness in the Workplace

Employee Wellness program and Managing Employee Health , employeThe use of effective healthy-workplace programs and policies can reduce health risks and improve the overall quality of life for your employees. It can also lower direct costs to your organization, such as insurance premiums and worker’s compensation claims. Healthy work initiatives can provide bonding activities between employees, and can also decrease sick days within the workplace. What does your office do to promote a healthy workplace?

Kacey RaskOur own Kacey Rask, VP of Business Development at The National List of Attorneys, posted this question on Linkedin: ”Any recommendations for healthy initiatives in the workplace? I’m looking to create a contest or program to enhance health & wellness in my office. I’d love any recommendations of what you’re office is doing to promote health and fewer sick days. Thanks!”

Workplace Health & Wellness Program Ideas: Kacey received the following replies that she would like to share with our readers. The National List’s Health & Wellness Program is still a work in progress, so please add any comments or ideas below!


Callen HawthorneWe do month-long fitness challenges where we put people into groups. You get points for different exercises and double points for doing exercises with one of your team members! So it serves as a team builder as well! We always offer some kind of wellness prize at the end (new Resurgent gym bags for the team that wins!)

joelJoel VallejoWe’ve done weight-loss competitions and offered corporate discounts for YMCA memberships. The problem is participation and long-term compliance. Ultimately it’s just too easy to cheat when factors outside of work are counterproductive to your goal. Any program should have realistic goals with some type of peer accountability.

peter-paulPeter Paul QuijencioEach individual would have their own level of interest and/or needs when it comes to being healthy. I recommend getting a corporate health coach. But getting a coach doesn’t equate to going to a gym. The coach gets to assess what people need to do (just in case there’s a red flag), determine what they’re willing to do, and plan a course and better insight on what can help them get there.


Shandi Boydstonhttp://www.krowdfit.com is very popular with some companies I have worked with. We currently have a partnership with http://www.preventure.com/.


Jonathan MorrisReimbursement for nicotine replacement therapy.



Shawn MooreMy wife’ s company did the Biggest Loser weight loss challenge. Worked great for her. Also I would suggest charitable fun runs. They allow for employees to set goals and feel better once completed.

jeff-gillJeff GillKick-start a walk, jog ,or run program. Bring in experts on healthy eating. Our office has a cool weekly stretch program that our entire office does together. Reach out to Dionne Thomas she kick-started this and does a great job motivating us to get up off of that thing!

dionne-thomasDionne ThomasAs a member of the Wellbeing Committee, I have the pleasure of conducting  Wednesday desk stretches. I encourage hundreds of employees to get up and do 11 stretches. It does take coordination with a few other departments but as long as there is commitment and consistency it becomes a part of the office culture. Really fun.

Tyson GarstWe also did a “Lose and Win,” similar to Biggest Loser. We were able to get gift card donations and things like that. I believe first place after “x amount of weeks” won $200. We had weight loss amounts around 15-20 pounds. I think the most was close to 30.

kipKip RufiniWe do not offer a contest for health awareness, but we do offer an extra day of vacation the following year if you use 3 days or less of the sick days allowed, according to policy! We awarded 4 employees with an extra day of vacation this year!

Share your health promotion ideas: Whether your workplace health promotion activities focus on a preventing a specific problem like weight gain, heart disease or high stress levels, or on over-all general health,  any progress you can make in improving your employees’ health and decreasing their sick days will be worthwhile to them and to your business. Please tell us what you have tried and how it worked for you.

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