Study: Boost Your Staff’s Productivity by 6 Percent by Buying This 1 Thing

This is even more motivating than money. A lot more motivating.

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Mutter und Tochter essen Salami Pizza und zeigen Daumen hochEverybody wants more money, but it turns out they’ll work harder for pizza. Dan Airely, a Psychology professor at Duke University offered workers one of three bonuses: Cash, compliments, or pizza. Pizza was the winner with a 6.7 percent increase in productivity. Cash increased productivity by only 4.9 percent.

Why food and not cash? Everybody says they want cash, and while pizza is good, if you need new shoes, it’s hard to trade your pizza for sneakers. So, what’s the deal?

EatClub Ceo Mike Griffith has some ideas–although we have to note that he’s financially motivated to get you to buy food for your team.

  • Keep your team focused– Feeding employees on the job helps them stay focused on what they’ve come to work to do, instead of racing to beat the lunch crowd, waiting in long lines and rushing back to make it to their next meeting. Focus is at the core of producing good work. So help employees focus, and win back productivity.
  • Boost brain power– Nothing kills focus faster than a grumbling stomach. If your employees are constantly reaching for those stale pretzels, you can kiss productivity goodbye. Offering your employees an EAT Club meal at their desks ensures optimal focus.
  • Increase employee happiness– Providing employees with better food makes them happy, and happy employees work better. Enough said.
  • Provide more opportunities for team-building– As departments grow, they often grow apart. Enter lunchtime: the ideal time to bring all teams together. One hour a day and collaboration is here to stay.
  • Build a healthier workforce– What better way to be invested in your employees’ well-being than to keep those employees healthy? If you want the workers you’re paying to work to actually be at work, make sure they take care of themselves by providing them the right tools to do so, such as good-for-you food. This has especially been a big trend among millennials, 35% are more likely to have free meal/snack perks than medical/dental insurance and a 401K!

EatClub isn’t the only one to find that food makes employees happy. Seamless, another food company, found that 60 percent of people felt that food at the office made them feel more valued and appreciated.

So, if you’re trying to figure out how to motivate your employees, and you’re already paying them market rates, you may want to consider pizza from time to time. Just about everyone likes it (and feel free to conduct your own experiments involving different cuisines) and see if that gives everyone a needed boost.

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