Need Local Counsel to Recover Your Debt? Easy!

We make it easyIf you’ve attempted to recover on a claim with no success, don’t let it continue to collect dust! Send it to the dedicated team at The National List to be assigned to one of our pre-vetted Attorney Members, who specialize in collections. Click Here, and save the linked Case Assignment form to your computer. Use it whenever you have a case where you need to initiate legal action for recovery. This form can also be found on our newly updated website, under: Case Assignment.

Assigning a case to local counsel for debt recovery has never been easier!

 Transparency between your office and the attorneys we qualify is what has always set apart The National List of Attorneys from other referral services. We not only qualify a law firm specifically for you and your needs, we also contact them to clear any possible conflicts with rates, compliance requirements, the debtor or your other expectations. You can be assured that the introductions we provide are of the highest quality, and that you will rarely need a second referral.

At what point should you send an unpaid debt to a collection attorney?

If you are wondering when litigation is warranted for collecting debts, one of our attorney members will be happy to help you with that decision, too. Most of them work on a contingency fee basis, and will consider the likelihood of collecting on the account(s) you are considering turning over to them. They will be looking for such things as:


What are the advantages of turning debt over to local counsel?

If you think your bad debt is collectable, another consideration is how quickly a law firm/attorney vs. a collection agency may be able to recover the debt.

  • Some law firms have an internal collection agency, giving them the power to send letters on legal stationery
  • Debtors may be less likely to ignore communications from lawyers for fear that they will be sued
  • A lawyer can escalate files as needed or take a debtor to court
  • Once a firm has a judgment on your claim, they can take additional action, including garnishing the debtor’s wages, placing a lien on un-exempted property and collecting profits from rental or business income.

Seeking the counsel of an attorney before turning accounts over to the firm can be advisable.

What are the processes before, during and after retaining a collections attorney?

If you want to know more about the processes that can be expected before, during and after retaining a collections attorney to assist in the recovery of delinquent accounts, check out our series of four guest blogs by Lisa H. Haster, Esq., Of Counsel/Marketing Director for Gurstel Law Firm P.C. She will walk you through what to expect. The series includes:

  1. When to engage an attorney to collect a debt
  2. What exactly is a judgment and how does it benefit me?
  3. The process a file undergoes when it is placed with a collections attorney
  4. Recoveries that are available to a business once it obtains a judgment.

Assign a case to a National List member law firm

Let our team help you find the right NL member firm to assist you with your legal recovery matters. Complete the form Here to get started.  A National List team member will contact you shortly after your submission. Remember “Time is money,” and one of our attorneys could help you collect yours more quickly than you think.

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