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Young man with red phone doing the ok signYou’ve exhausted your collection efforts on a delinquent account! You think the account is “suit-worthy,” but you’re not sure how to find an attorney that will be the “best fit” for the debt collection needs of your client and your office. You’ve heard good things about attorneys who are National List members, but how can you be sure that The National List (NL) will connect you with an attorney who will stay with you until the job is done?

Well…not only does NL screen and pre-qualify every law firm before they are even introduced to you, we will not allow that law firm to ignore your communications. We are with you every step of the way. Too good to be true, you ask? Then read on. We have more good news to share.

The Best Customer Service—Really!

The National List of Attorneys is known for having the BEST customer service in the industry. You heard us right! We said the Best Customer Service! Don’t believe it? Think it’s just a marketing hype? Then you need to know more about our Service Department.

Our attorney members go through a stringent on-boarding process and are known for working hard to meet our client’s needs. However, we realize that, on occasion, things might not go as expected. Our Service Department is dedicated to helping your office keep in touch with all placements sent to NL attorney members with whom you have registered claims. In order for NL to be familiar with your placements, it is essential to go through our simple registration process. For more information on registering your claims, click here. Then, when contacting attorney members on your behalf, we will already have most of the information that we need in order to open a productive Service Matter.

Contacting Member Attorneys FOR you

If a breakdown in communication arises between your office and a law firm or vice versa, our staff will step in to assist. If a time comes when you don’t think communication is satisfactory, let us know right away. Don’t wait more than 60-90 days. If you have emailed and called with no success, just reach out to me, and I will see that the other party is contacted directly on your behalf. We’ve found that it is much easier to reach the other party if we get involved sooner rather than later. The results speak for themselves! A Service Matter that is opened with NL as soon as 60 days have gone by makes the process of reestablishing communication as seamless and quick as possible.

Opening a Service Matter

How do you open a Service Matter? Email me, Kaitlyn Hoff, at, or send an email to Or if you prefer a phone call, dial our toll free number at (800) 227-1675.

As a company, we’ve dedicated ourselves to servicing our client’s needs—from assisting in getting acknowledgment of claim(s), status reports & updates and remittances, to resolving breakdowns in communication between the forwarder and receiving law firm or vice versa, and transferring of files from one firm to another—we are here to help with almost anything!

You can be assured that we will work hard to continue to keep the lines of communication open between our forwarders and our attorney members. Any disputes or miscommunications that may occur can almost certainly be resolved. We are not here only to offer personal attorney introductions. We are here, ready and able, to act as your personal legal assistants to help with anything you need.

Here is a testimonial from a long time forwarding client, Mr. Ray Frank of Levy Diamond Bello & Associates LLC:

I have been in the collection industry for nearly 35 years and have seen all sides of the business.  One of my responsibilities is to ensure the celerity with which our forwarded files move through the legal and non-legal process.  Occasionally, we have come across situations where the receiving lawyer/law firm becomes unresponsive to our prompts, requiring the intervention of the law list over which the claim was forwarded.  My experience with The National List has been nothing less than exemplary.  Whether the issue is a report or a remittance, NL’s service department stays with the file until there is a resolution.  In this business, we all have to follow the 3 R’s – Remit, Report, Remember the first two – and The National List has always been at the ready to assist.”

by Kaitlyn Hoff, NL Account Executive


(800) 227-1675


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